Spring Styling with Tom's Stylist

Who's ready for spring weather? We sure are! We've been getting a lot of rain and snow in Utah lately and we just want to see the sun. We can't wait to put our jackets and boots away and enjoy some warmer weather. We also love wearing fun spring colors this time of year.

spring church outfit for couples
Spring church outfit for couples
Adam got this new tie from Tom's Stylist. Tom's Stylist is a men's fashion company that sells skinny ties, colorful socks, and unique tie clips. Also, they have free shipping in the U.S.

spring men's fashion
Spring floral tie and arrow tie clip
We matched Adam's new spring tie to my pink Cleo Madison dress. We loved how the pink from my dress made the pink flower's in Adam's tie pop. I love this skinny floral tie on Adam. His tie has a bright green/aqua background with flowers that are pink, white yellow, and lavender.

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Adam paired his tie with a trendy arrow tie clip. He also wore a white button-down shirt, tan pants, a navy suit coat, brown shoes, and a brown belt.
My dress is the Elena Button Dress from Cleo Madison. I love how this modest dress is not too short and has a high neckline. It has a simple striped pattern on it and buttons. The buttons make it nursing friendly for all you nursing mamas out there! This dress also has 3/4 length sleeves, which are great for spring since they aren't too warm like long sleeves, but they keep you warmer than short sleeves do.

matching dress and tie
Pink dress and multi-colored matching tie
I paired my dress with some black sandals that I have been wearing non-stop. They are so comfortable and I love how they go with dresses or jeans. Black sandals are always a staple for me in the spring and summer.

Head on over to Tom's Stylist to find a fashionable tie your man can wear to match you this spring.

Zao Asian Cafe Vegan Options

Vegan options at zao
Vegan options at Zao Asian Café

Last updated on: 12/12/2019

Zao Asian Café is a fast casual Asian restaurant with many locations in Utah. I love how their menu is pretty simple to understand and they have tons of vegan options! They're really good about putting a V next to certain things on the menu that are vegan. The V isn't on everything that's vegan, but they're awesome about answering questions if you email them or ask them on Instagram.

vegan asian food in utah
See more about my shirt here

My favorite meal to get here is a bowl with rice noodles, teriyaki sauce, the broccoli onion mixture, corn, and carrot daikon. They have other toppings you can put on your bowls and they're all vegan except for the crispy onions. The other vegan ones that I choose to not get are cilantro, peanuts, and chili paste.

Rice noodle bowl with veggies
Rice noodle bowl with veggies

Update: in 2018 after this post was originally written, Zao changed their green beans and onion mixture to being broccoli and onions instead. We love the broccoli so much more than the green beans! The broccoli has so much flavor and is always cooked perfectly.

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Yellow curry bowl
Yellow curry rice bowl

I also love to get a bowl with white rice, yellow curry, broccoli, corn, and carrot daikon. My only complaint is that they don't give enough sauce for how much rice they serve you, so I always ask for a little extra. I haven't tried the green curry sauce or the chili lemongrass sauce, but those are also vegan! I'm not a fan of tofu, but it is vegan.

zao asian cafe vegan tacos
Veggie tacos

Another meal I sometimes get is the tacos. Not everything for the tacos is vegan, but you can get them with the tortillas, tofu, broccoli, corn, carrot daikon, cilantro, lettuce mix, and Korean red sauce.  The chili lime aioli is not vegan though. I also love getting a side of guacamole and putting some in the tacos. There are also a ton of gluten-free options on their menu that have a GF next to them.

Rice bowls with yakisoba noodles
Rice bowls with Yakisoba noodles
Last year, Zao added a new item to their menu that we love! It's the Yakisoba Wok Seared Noodles. We tried these and would definitely recommend them! They had a great flavor and a fun texture. They also have cabbage mixed in with the noodles. We get them with teriyaki sauce and all the veggies.

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rice bowl with noodles and vegetables
Yakisoba wok seared noodles with veggies
I've never gotten a salad at Zao, but you can easily make a vegan one. They have a lettuce mix, tofu, chili lemongrass sauce/dressing, sesame vinaigrette, all the toppings for the bowls, and rice noodles.

Fast casual asian food
Rice noodles bowl and bahn mi sandwich
The Banh Mi Sandwich cannot be made vegan, otherwise I'd love to try it. Adam, who's not a vegan, got it one time and thought it tasted great. The soup cannot be made vegan either because the broth for it has chicken and pork in it.

Chips and guacamole
Chips & Guacamame

Another delicious thing to get here is the chips and guacamole! The guacamole has soy beans in it that give it such a unique texture. The guacamole is vegan and is now our favorite guacamole we've ever had. Sometimes I just get this for my meal if I'm not super hungry and it's very satisfying.

They also have some really good fruity drinks that you can get. When we get a drink, we always go for the Thai Mango. We're big fans of mango and this is one delicious drink.

Zao has locations in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray, Fort Union, Lehi, Sugarhouse, Orem, South Jordan, Orem and more.

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zao asian cafe vegan options

Brightbox- A Thoughtful Little Gift

The other day Adam went to check the mail and was so excited to tell me that I got a Brightbox! I was so confused, who would send me a Brightbox? So we immediately opened it up and found that it was from Cayli, the blogger behind Night Chayde!

birghtbox thank you note

It was so much fun to open up and see what was inside. It came in the cutest little box that was white and gold, two of my fave colors. There was a sweet thank you note from Cayli and inside the box was a chocolate and caramel candy and some really pretty and fashionable teardrop earrings! I'm so excited to wear the earrings soon. I might even save them for Easter Sunday in a few weeks.

candy and earrings thank you gift

Brightbox is such a cute and fun gift to send and receive. When I first heard about them a month or two ago I sent one to my sister that had a bath bomb and pink starbursts. They're a small gift, but they're really thoughtful and exciting to open. 

Brightboxes are a really good price. They're $8 and have free shipping! Who doesn't love free shipping? There are so many different options of gifts and candy to choose for the box you send. You also get to write a personal message and they attach it to a cute quote that you choose. 

gift idea for women

Next time you're looking for a sweet gift to send to a friend or family member, definitely choose Brightbox. It is a great gift idea and will really will brighten their day when they open it! 

What To Do In Las Vegas During The Day

Vegas is probably our favorite place for a little getaway. There’s so much to do, and we never get sick of doing the same things each time we go.
welcome to fabulous las vegas sign
The Fabulous Las Vegas sign
This famous sign is a must see! It’s located on Las Vegas Blvd South. You can type “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign” into the maps app on your phone and it will show you right where it is. It’s a little South of the main part of The Strip, but it’s not too far of a drive. When you come up to it there will be a turn out on the left side of the road where you park to see it.

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gondola ride in the venetian hotel
Gondola boat ride in The Venetian
Gondola boat ride in The Venetian. We did the indoor one and shared a boat with other people, making it $19.95 per person.
gondolier singing in the gondola
Singing gondolier on the gondola
The gondolier sings in Italian the whole time, and it’s a pretty long boat ride.
inside the venetian's town square
The Venetian's town square
Inside The Venetian, you really feel like you’re outside and we love the Italian architecture.
treasure island's pirate ship
Treasure Island's pirate ship
The pirate ship outside of the Treasure Island Hotel. They no longer do the shows at night here.
sampling the cokes of the world
Trying the Cokes of the world
You have to try the Around the World Tray for $8 at the World of Coca-Cola Store. You get 16 sodas that are flavors they sell in other countries, like Italy, Peru, and Japan. Our favorite flavor is Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa.
michelangelo statue of david in las vegas
Statue of David replica in Las Vegas
Replica of Michelangelo’s David in Caesar’s Palace. This was so hard to find! We asked about 5 workers where it was before giving up and hunting it down ourselves. It is located outside of the casino on Appian Way. It is not in the Forum Shops like the workers will tell you. It is an exact replica of the original in Florence, Italy.
flamingo wildlife habitat at the flamingo hotel
See flamingos and other wildlife at The Flamingo
The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo. Here you will see flamingos, ducks, pelicans, koi fish, and turtles.
bellagio water fountains
Bellagio Water Fountains
We go watch this every night whenever we are there. We usually watch them from the sidewalk in front of The Bellagio, but in this picture we were watching from behind the fountains. We loved this view because it wasn’t as crowded on that side and you could see them just as well.


We used to go to Chevy's a lot, but they've since closed. Our new favorite place is Slice of Vegas. Haagen Dazs is the other place we always go. We usually go to the one in the Venetian, but they are also located in the MGM, New York New York, and the Fashion Show Mall.
Next time we go to Vegas, we want to see a Cirque du Soleil show, a Blue Man Group show, and we want to ride the High Roller ferris wheel. For dinner one night, we want to eat dinner at The Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris hotel.

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what to do in las vegas during the day

Normal Club Ice Cream in SLC

We finally got around to trying Normal Club and were not disappointed! It's an ice cream truck that's located inside of the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is right inside the East entrance. I heard they had some vegan options and I really love soft serve ice cream!

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I couldn't find a menu online before going, but one of their Instagram posts had a picture of their current options. When we got there I asked what they have that's vegan and they said the Pom Pom cone and the honeydew popsicle.

pomegranate ice cream cone
Pom Pom composed cone
I was really craving ice cream so I went for the Pom Pom. It was so delicious! It was a cone with pomegranate sorbet dipped in dark chocolate with freeze dried raspberries. So YUM! The pomegranate and dark chocolate were a really good combination, but I wasn't a huge fan of the raspberries. I'd recommend asking them to put it in a cup because it's pretty messy to eat.

Normal Club in Trolley Square

I think they change their flavors every month, so I can't wait to see what they have in April! You should check out their Instagram page to see pictures of all the delicious and pretty treats they have.
If you're not vegan, Adam recommends getting the London Fog cone. It has Earl Grey soft serve dipped in dark chocolate and comes with a little lavender ganache and cotton candy around it. Adam loved it!

earl grey ice cream cone
London Fog Composed Cone
Normal Club is open Wednesday-Sunday. Wednesday through Friday they are open 4-9pm, Saturday 1-7pm, and Sunday 1-5pm.

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Normal club ice cream in slc vegan options

City Cakes Vegan Bakery

Baked goods are our weakness! Vegan baked goods can be pretty hard to come by, but luckily we live close to City Cakes Bakery & Café! Everything here is vegan and they also have some gluten free options. They have a great selection of cupcakes, scones, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods. Everything is made from scratch everyday.

City cakes utah baked goods
Lemon blueberry scone and mint brownie

My favorite things to get at City Cakes are the cupcakes, brownies and cinnamon rolls. The best cupcake is the lemon coconut one and my favorite brownie is the one with chocolate frosting. The lemon coconut frosting for the cupcakes is so creamy and flavorful.

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For the brownies, they also have mint and raspberry frostings sometimes. The cinnamon rolls are really soft and moist and have a glaze/frosting on the top.

vegan cinnamon rolls draper utah
Vegan Cinnamon Roll
Adam loves to get the scones. His favorite is the lemon blueberry. He also recently got orange cranberry which was good, but not as good as the lemon blueberry.
We also love to get City Cakes products when we're grocery shopping at Harmons. I'm not sure if every Harmons location has City Cakes baked goods, but the ones in Lehi and in Draper have them. They have full cakes of lemon coconut, chocolate, and vanilla. They're all super good! I always love to get one for my birthday. I think they're about $9-12 each. They also have brownies there.

Vegan chocolate cake at Harmon's
Vegan chocolate cake at Harmon's
They also have some café menu items, like mac n cheese, a veggie sausage burrito, and a black bean burger. We've never tried any of the café items, but I've heard good things about the mac n cheese. We're excited to try a lot more of what City Cakes has! City Cakes has locations in Salt Lake City and in Draper.

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City cakes vegan bakery in utah