Brightbox- A Thoughtful Little Gift

The other day Adam went to check the mail and was so excited to tell me that I got a Brightbox! I was so confused, who would send me a Brightbox? So we immediately opened it up and found that it was from Cayli, the blogger behind Night Chayde!

birghtbox thank you note

It was so much fun to open up and see what was inside. It came in the cutest little box that was white and gold, two of my fave colors. There was a sweet thank you note from Cayli and inside the box was a chocolate and caramel candy and some really pretty and fashionable teardrop earrings! I'm so excited to wear the earrings soon. I might even save them for Easter Sunday in a few weeks.

candy and earrings thank you gift

Brightbox is such a cute and fun gift to send and receive. When I first heard about them a month or two ago I sent one to my sister that had a bath bomb and pink starbursts. They're a small gift, but they're really thoughtful and exciting to open. 

Brightboxes are a really good price. They're $8 and have free shipping! Who doesn't love free shipping? There are so many different options of gifts and candy to choose for the box you send. You also get to write a personal message and they attach it to a cute quote that you choose. 

gift idea for women

Next time you're looking for a sweet gift to send to a friend or family member, definitely choose Brightbox. It is a great gift idea and will really will brighten their day when they open it! 

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