City Cakes Vegan Bakery

Baked goods are our weakness! Vegan baked goods can be pretty hard to come by, but luckily we live close to City Cakes Bakery & Café! Everything here is vegan and they also have some gluten free options. They have a great selection of cupcakes, scones, brownies, cookies, and other baked goods. Everything is made from scratch everyday.

City cakes utah baked goods
Lemon blueberry scone and mint brownie

My favorite things to get at City Cakes are the cupcakes, brownies and cinnamon rolls. The best cupcake is the lemon coconut one and my favorite brownie is the one with chocolate frosting. The lemon coconut frosting for the cupcakes is so creamy and flavorful.

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For the brownies, they also have mint and raspberry frostings sometimes. The cinnamon rolls are really soft and moist and have a glaze/frosting on the top.

vegan cinnamon rolls draper utah
Vegan Cinnamon Roll
Adam loves to get the scones. His favorite is the lemon blueberry. He also recently got orange cranberry which was good, but not as good as the lemon blueberry.
We also love to get City Cakes products when we're grocery shopping at Harmons. I'm not sure if every Harmons location has City Cakes baked goods, but the ones in Lehi and in Draper have them. They have full cakes of lemon coconut, chocolate, and vanilla. They're all super good! I always love to get one for my birthday. I think they're about $9-12 each. They also have brownies there.

Vegan chocolate cake at Harmon's
Vegan chocolate cake at Harmon's
They also have some café menu items, like mac n cheese, a veggie sausage burrito, and a black bean burger. We've never tried any of the café items, but I've heard good things about the mac n cheese. We're excited to try a lot more of what City Cakes has! City Cakes has locations in Salt Lake City and in Draper.

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