5 Home Decor Items Your Home Should Have In 2018

geometric plant pots

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

The other day Adam and I went to the cutest store in our area. It's called Rod Works and it's a unique home decor shop. The location we went to was in Lehi, Utah off the freeway. They have so many different home decor items for each room of your house.

Rod Works is very unique because each item is handmade. Everything has a distinct finish and could be a little different from the other items. They are made to look antique and imperfectly worn.

home decor items

The store has several different rooms that all have different decorations from the last. One section is kitchen decorations, then they also had 4th of July. Most of it was not specific to one room in your house or one theme though. They have tons of pots, vases, signs, and artificial plants. They also have a lot of different styles to fit your needs. Some pieces are more farmhouse while others are on the boho side.
We had such a hard time deciding exactly what we wanted to get because we loved so much of it. Thankfully they have great prices though, so we didn't have to limit ourselves too much. I was always surprised that the price wasn't higher when I would look at something. It's really great to have affordable options that are super cute and nice.

Here are five interior home decorations each home or apartment should have in 2018:

Small pots for succulents

1. Geometric Pots on a Tray

We love everything we got, but our absolute favorite is the bohemian geometric pots on a tray. It comes with 3 different pots that all fit on a small tray together. They each have different black and white designs painted onto them. These are so unique and fun. The best thing is that each pot has a small hole in it, so you can put live plants in it. It works well for watering them because the tray underneath will catch the excess water.

We already had one small succulent that needed a bigger pot, so we replanted that one and saw this as an opportunity to get more! We headed over to Cactus and Tropicals and got two more succulent plants for the other pots. We love how it turned out! The colors of the plants are very complimentary to the planters.

air plant hanger

2. Tillandsia Hanger

The second thing we chose was the tillandsia hanger. I saw one of these a few months ago at another store and hesitated to get it. When I went back to get it, it was sold out. Then I began my online search for one and didn't find anything I liked enough to get. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to see that Rod Works had them!

They had a few other designs in these as well. I knew I wanted to put an air plant in mine and this shape looked like it would work best for it. I got the air plant in it at Cactus and Tropicals as well. It would even be cute without anything in it though. I love the gold color of it. It's so modern, yet it works with most styles of decor.

Black and gold I love us sign

3. I Love Us Sign

My heart melted a little when I saw this beautiful "I Love Us" sign, because I really do feel that way about Adam and I. I knew this sign would be the perfect addition to my nightstand. The gold writing and hearts tie in so well with the gold tillandsia hanger.

I also love the size of it. They had other cute signs this same size that I also loved. They were all similar in the colors they used, so you could put more than one in your home and they would tie together really well.

Brown resin owl

4. Resin Owl

We have quite the love for anything that has to do with animals, so it was a no-brainer that we were getting the resin owl. Adam saw it first and was like "we need this". How could I disagree? I mean, this owl is precious. I love how he's small enough to not take over a room, but he's big enough to still be somewhat of a statement piece.

silver decorative ball

5. Galvanized Ball

The last thing we decided to get was the galvanized ball. We babysit some kids who have similar ball decorations in their house, so we loved that it reminded us of them. This is the type of decor that you can pair with anything. It is so charming and has a silver/pewter color that will match any other decoration you have.

We had a really positive experience shopping at Rod Works in Lehi. The worker was super nice and helpful. I especially loved that she was friendly, but wasn't following us around trying to get us to buy everything. As of right now, you can only shop in store, not online. They have locations in Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Arizona.

I highly suggest following them on Instagram @rodworks and on Pinterest. I like following them on Instagram to see all of their new inventory. Their pictures are really fun on Pinterest and are great inspo for your "Home" board. They also have a really helpful section on their website called Decorating Tips.

I'm no Nate Berkus, so that's exactly what I need. Something else they do that's really cool is their free in-store decorating help. If you take in a photo of your house or what you're looking for, they'll help you and give you suggestions on what would look good.

I know this won't be our last trip to Rod Works. They have a lot of items that would be great gifts. We'll definitely be back to shop for Adam's mom and my step mom in the future. I know they'll love this unique decor just as much as we do.

The items we got have really freshened up our place. I can't help but smile when I see the beautiful pots with plants or the owl that adds so much flair. I can't wait to have a whole house to decorate one day. I know it'll have a lot of pieces from Rod Works.

This post is sponsored by Rod Works.