60 Fun Things To Do In Utah In The Summer

Last update: 2/5/20

There are so many fun things to do in Utah in the summer! There are plenty of things to do indoors and outdoors. I prefer the outdoor activities in the mornings or evenings because it can be very hot in the summer.

#1 Thing to do in Utah in the summer - Get shaved ice

Getting shaved ice at Hokulia is my #1 summer tradition! The best flavor in my opinion is haupia (creamy coconut). I love to do half haupia and half lime.

Getting shaved ice at Hokulia is an excellent thing to do in Utah in the summer.

#2 - Go to Mystic Hot Springs

Click here to read all about our experience there! Mystic Hot Springs is a fun little gem in Monroe, Utah. It's so fun to soak in the tubs there.

Mystic hot springs bathtub in Monroe Utah.

#3 - Go to Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs is in Honeyville, Utah. It costs $12 for adults and $10 for seniors and children. Kids under 2 are free. Hot springs are so relaxing!

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#4 - Waterfall Hikes

There are a lot of waterfall hikes in Utah! You can probably find a new one to hike to each weekend over the summer.

#5 - Hike Rocky Mouth Waterfall

This hike is in Sandy. This is a fairly easy hike that is not too long. It can be hard to find parking though.

#6 - Hike Grotto Falls

This hike is near Payson, Ut. It takes you to a small waterfall. This page will give you all the info you need.

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#7 - Hike Donut Falls

The Donut Falls hike is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It has really good reviews on Google!

#8 - Hike Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls is a popular hike to do. It is just past Sundance Ski Resort. The area is so pretty and you might even see some fall colors in the late summer.

#9 - Hike Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is another popular hike. It's not too far up Provo Canyon.

#10 - Go Ice blocking

This is where you buy a block of ice and find a hill. You'll slide down the hill sitting on the block of ice. This is a cheap way to have some fun! Bring a little towel to sit on so your clothes don't get too wet from the ice. The best places to do this are at Rock Canyon Park in Provo and Flat Iron Mesa Park in Sandy.

#11 - Go to a Farmer's market

There are lots of these. Some of our favorite ones are:

We love getting food at these. It's so fun to get kettle corn, lemonade, boiled peanuts, or whatever else they have.

#12 - Do the Mount Timpanogos Caves hike 

You'll want to reserve a time slot to do the cave tour after you hike up to it. Bring a sweatshirt because the caves are cold. It feels good at first after the hiking trail up to them, but the tour is pretty long and you will get cold. For more information about this hike, visit this page.

#13 - Go see 4th of July fireworks

There are tons of these in Utah! My absolute favorite show is the one at Thanksgiving Point. This one lasts for about 20 minutes and has really big fireworks.

#14 - Go to the Aqua x Zone

The Aqua X Zone is at Jordanelle State Park. It's a water park on the water. Go earlier in the day before it gets too busy.

During the summer in Utah, you should go to the Aqua x zone in Jordanelle Reservoir.

#15 - Freedom Festival in Provo

The Freedom Festival has a ton of hot air balloons that you can watch take off. This starts early in the morning.

#16 - Balloon Festival in Sandy

The Balloon Festival in Sandy happens in the evening. If the weather is good, hot air balloons will be taking off. It's really fun to see how big they are up close.

Go to the Balloon festival in Sandy Utah during the summer.

#17 - Swim in the Homestead Crater in Midway

You'll need to make reservations to do this. This is a geothermal spring that is high up in a rock. I've never seen anything else like it before. Learn more about this here.

#18 - Go to a rodeo

There are a lot of rodeos in Utah in the summer. The one we go to is the Ute Stampede in Nephi.

Adam and Elizabeth Morgan at the Ute Stampede Rodeo in Nephi Utah.

#19 - Draper Days

Draper Days is located in Draper Park. It takes place for a few days. There are activities and shops setup during the day, then there's a big firework show on one of the nights.

#20 - Walk around Silver Lake and look for moose

Walking around Silver lake at Brighton Canyon in Utah

Silver Lake is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It has a 0.9 mile trail that goes all the way around it. I've heard that some people see moose here, especially in the evening. We've never seen one here though.

#21 - Tour the State Capitol

The state capitol is in Salt Lake City. If you have a group of less than 10 people, then you do not need a reservation. Check their website for times.

#22 - Swiss Days

Swiss Days is a festival in Midway. People sell things at their booths. A popular booth is the wrapping paper one. There is also Swiss food here that you can try. They also do activities, like a 10k race.

#23 - Mini golf

We really like the outdoor course at Cascade Mini Golf, in Orem. Boondocks in Draper is another place to go mini golfing. There's also Seven Peaks in Lehi and Fat Cats in SLC.

#24 - Boondocks

You can also do mini golf at Boondocks. They also have batting cages, bumper cars, go-karts, laser tag, and arcade, and more.

#25 - Visit Utah's 5 national parks

Visit the Delicate arch in Utah during the summer

The parks are:

#26 - Hike to Cecret Lake

The Cecret Lake hike is near Alta. It is 1.7 miles and takes you to a beautiful lake.

#27 - Hike to the Wind Caves

Hiking to the Wind Caves is a great activity to do in northern Utah in Logan, Utah. It is a 3.5 mile hike with a trail.

#28 - Drive around Antelope Island and spot the bison

Antelope Island is a small island north of SLC. It is fun to drive around it. You're sure to see some bison roaming around. Don't get too close and disturb them though.

Seeing bison on Antelope island in Utah

#29 -  Paddleboard at Jordanelle State Park

Stand-up paddle boarding is so fun and can be really relaxing. You can rent paddleboards at Jordanelle for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours.

#30 - Stadium of Fire

The Stadium of Fire is a big event at the LaVelle Edwards Stadium in Provo. It's a concert and firework show. A lot of people go to it.

#31 - Petroglyphs in Parowan

Seeing Native American Petroglyphs in Parowan Utah

Parowan is a city in Southern Utah, North of Cedar City, Utah. There are a lot of cool petroglyphs that you can walk around and see.

#32 - Natural History Museum in SLC

The Natural History Museum is in Salt Lake City at the Rio Tinto Center. The museum is open all year, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check their website for times and admission prices. There are tons of different exhibitions here including the sky, the first people, past worlds, and more.

#33 - Swimming at the Provo Recreation Center

Going swimming at the Provo Rec Center is one of our favorite things to do in the summer! They have an indoor section and an outdoor section. We love both. The indoor portion has 2 big water slides, a small lazy river, a hot tub, a kid pool with slides, a pool with basketball hoops, and a pool with a rock wall.

The outdoor portion has 2 really big water slides and a wave pool. It's fun to spend a day here and eat lunch while you're there. This is one of our favorite places to swim in Utah.

#34 - Raspberry Days at Bear Lake

Bear Lake is known for their raspberries. Every place that you can eat at has delicious raspberry shakes. Raspberry Days runs for a few days in August. They have concerts, a rodeo, a 5k, a craft fair, and more.

bear lake raspberry shake

#35 - Go stand in all Four Corners

Four corners

Four corners is the only place in the U.S. where 4 states meet in one spot. These 4 states are Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. The locals sell really cool things in the area. One of our favorite Christmas ornaments is from here.

#36 - Bonneville Salt Flats

People love to go to the Salt Flats to take pictures. They're so white and really pretty. It's just West of the Great Salt Lake and there is a ton of salt here.

#37 - Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove

Strawberry Days is in Pleasant Grove in June. They have a fair, a rodeo, little shops, a parade, and more. There's also a signature strawberries n' cream dessert that you'll see everyone eating.

#38 - Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley is a Utah State Park in southern Utah. People go boating, camping, and fishing here. The rock formations here are beautiful.

#39 - Go to Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a big lake on the border of Utah and Arizona. Many people go out on houseboats here, which is really fun. You can also camp here and go out on a speedboat to see more of the lake.

#40 - Food truck round up

The Provo Food Truck Round-Up is the popular one to go to. There are a lot of food trucks there to choose from.

#41 - Go up Big Cottonwood Canyon to roast s'mores

There are areas up Big Cottonwood Canyon where you can stop to have a fire and roast s'mores.

#42 - Go to the Provo Beach Resort

The Provo Beach Resort has tons of activities including their flowrider, an arcade, laser tag, a ropes course, croquet, and more.

#43 - Clark Planetarium

The Clark Planetarium is in downtown Salt Lake City. They have different shows and exhibits.

#44 - Utah State Fair

The Utah State Fair usually runs at the end of summer. They have a ton of fair rides, food, and a rodeo at night.

#45 - Alpine Slides in Park City

Ride the Alpine slides park city during the summer in Utah

The alpine slides in Park City are so much fun! You'll wait in line to get your ticket, then ride the ski lift part of the way up the mountain. From here you'll walk to where the slides are.

#46 - Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

The aquarium is only a few years old and is located in Draper. It can get really busy, so get there early and be prepared to have a crowd. There are a lot of different sections where you'll see animals like sharks, leopards, frogs, fish, penguins, birds, and more.

#47 - Lagoon theme park

Getting our hands stamped at Lagoon theme park.

Lagoon is a big amusement park in Farmington, Utah. They have a lot of roller coasters and fun rides you can go on. There are a lot of food options and also a water park.

#48 - Cowabunga Bay water park

Cowabunga Bay is a water park in Draper, Utah. It's really big and has a ton of water slides. 

#49 - Tubing on the Provo river

You can rent a tube to float down the Provo River in. Pricing starts at $15. Book your trip here. There are age, height, and weight requirements, so look at those number on their website to make sure you can ride down the river.

#50 - Visit the "Salt Lake is for Lovers" sign at the Gateway

Getting a picture in front of the Salt lake city is for lovers sign in Salt Lake City Utah.

This fun lit up sign that says Salt Lake City is For Lovers is located at the Gateway Mall in SLC. It's a fun spot to take a pic.

#51 - Hike the Y

The Y is a big Y that is up on the mountain near BYU. The trail is steep at parts. It takes people 1-3 hours to hike round-trip.

#52 - Go to Tibble Fork Reservoir

Picture of us at Tibble fork reservoir in Utah.

Tibble Fork Reservoir is one of the first stops on the Alpine Loop if you start on the American Fork canyon. It is a really beautiful area. There is a small beach area and a lot of people SUP and kayak in the reservoir. You'll also see people fishing.

#53 - Visit the Up House

The address of the Up House is: 13218 S Herriman Rose Blvd, Herriman, UT 84096. It's a super cute and colorful house that was made to look like the house from the Pixar movie Up.

Up house utah

#54 - Take a picture at a colored wall

There are a lot of fun colored walls around Utah County and Salt Lake County. This picture was taken at the colored walls at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi. They have 4 different colors on a wall there.
colored walls at outlets at traverse mountains

#55 - Soak in the Saratoga Hot Springs

The Saratoga hot springs are a 1/4 mile hike from the trail head in Saratoga Springs.

#56 - Visit Temple Square

There are a lot of museums here and you can walk around the temple grounds.

#57 - Go to a splash pad

There are splash pads all over. A popular one is the Draper City Splash Pad.

#58 - Take a trip to Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a Navajo tribal park in Southern Utah. There are scenic drives to go on, a visitor center, and a trading post.

#59 - Visit the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

The Bean Life Science Museum is located at BYU in Provo. This is a good family activity.

#60 - Go to Hill Aerospace Museum

The Hill Aerospace Museum is in the North West corner of the Hill Air Force Base.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Utah in the summer?

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