Make Gift Giving Much Easier With These Cute Premade Gift Bags

Send ribbon premade gift bags

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

I think gift giving is one of the hardest things! It's such a struggle to figure out what someone might want all while staying in a good budget. I found an awesome pre-made gift bag company called Send Ribbon. They make gift giving so much easier!

They have the pre-made gift options, or you can create a custom gift bag. The pre-made ones are a better price, so I recommend going with those. It would be really fun to personalize a custom gift bag though.

My favorite of the pre-made gifts was the one I got, which is the Thank You Kindly one. The bag it comes in is like a tan canvas material and says Thank You in a cute font on it.

thank you Gift idea for women

It has six fun gifts inside of it and costs $38. The gifts in it are a cucumber facemask, toffee chocolate covered pretzels, a yellow notebook, a gold pen, a party bath bomb, and an essential oil towelette that says sweet dreams darling on it.

I was so excited to see everything in the bag when I opened it and I think anyone else opening it would feel the same way. It always makes you feel special when someone sends you a gift, but especially when it's a gift that you really love.

My favorite things in the bag were the cucumber sheet mask, bath bomb, and the trendy gold pen.
Each bag has a different color ribbon on it. The different colors represent charities that Send Ribbon donates to. 50% of their proceeds go towards these charities. The ribbon on the bag I got was yellow for United Way NYC. This charity is in New York City and works to help low-income communities in the area to have more opportunities and to better their lives.

My other favorite pre-made gift bags that Send Ribbon has are The Pink Lady and Congrats. The Pink Lady is perfect for sending to your girl friends. Almost everything in it is rose pink colored and so girly. Any woman would love to get this bag. The Congrats bag is great for giving to a couple. It has Mr and Mrs luggage tags as well as a bath bomb and more. I think it would be a fun wedding gift to receive.

For the custom gift bags, you first choose the bag you would like. They all have different sayings on them, like bundle of joy, maid of honor, happy birthday and more. They also have different colored ribbons that represent their charities. The next step is to choose up to 8 goodies to fill the bag with. You pay for them a la carte. There are tons of options in this step! The third step is to write your personalized message that will be attached to the ribbon on the bag.

The company's owner, Kelly, is great at answering questions if you email her. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and runs her company there. She thought of the ribbon part of Send Ribbon because ribbons are used to represent causes and they're used to wrap gifts.

Thank you gift bag

This is an awesome company that provides a great service and also gives back. I definitely recommend ordering from them for any gift giving occasion. They offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more, so take advantage of that.

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