Fun Character Decals

harry potter and minnie mouse

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

MC Studio Design is an Etsy shop that has so many fun decals that help you personalize things in your life. They're based in Florida and mainly sell decals that are character related, like Disney and Harry Potter. 

They sell decal stickers for phone cases, computers, magic bands and more. They also sell some t-shirts as well.

I got one decal for me and one for Adam. I chose the Mickey and Minnie Kissing Decal for myself because I thought it was so cute and I loved how it was Disney. It has Mickey and Minnie Mouse facing each other and a heart in between them.
For Adam, I chose the Harry Potter Decal. He's always been a Harry Potter fan and I knew that he would like how this one was more simple. It just has a little lightning bolt (like the one on Harry Potter's forehead) and his glasses. 

cups with decals

We chose to put our decals on cups. We just used solid colored cups from Target's One Spot. We got a pack of 4 for $3. A lot of cups can be pretty boring, so we thought this was a good way to make them more unique. 

My other favorite decals from this shop are the Mary Poppins one and the Tigger one.

These decal stickers are such a cool way to show your personality and which fandoms you love being a part of. 

Follow MC Studio Design on Instagram @mc.studiodesign to see more of their products and see what else people are putting their decals on.