Halloween Decorations from Krumpet's Home Decor

Rustic halloween decorations

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I look forward to it all year long, so when it gets here, my husband and I go all out. We do tons of Halloween activities, watch all the non-scary Halloween movies, and decorate our place like crazy.

I just found a home décor company that I have fallen in love with. They have tons of unique Halloween decorations, which I can't get enough of. I got their Boo Wood Block Set. It's on sale right now for $17.50!

It has 3 blocks that each have a letter on them. They are black and in white writing they say BOO. I love the size of them and how classic looking they are.

Boo halloween block letters

I put my Boo block letters on the window sill in our family room. This way we can see them often and especially while watching Hocus Pocus and our other favorite Halloween movies.

I decided to put some other decorations around them to make the window sill even more fun! I painted these trick or treaters about 3 years ago with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. From left to right they are a vampire, a witch, a ghost, and Frankenstein. I thought they look so cute with my new boo sign!

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Normally, I put them on top of a long sign that says "trick or treat" on it, but it hasn't been unpacked from our last move so I couldn't find it this year.

I love to have Halloween decorations that are colorful, but I also think black and white ones are so necessary so that all your decorations tie together well.
Krumpet's Home Décor has a lot of other Halloween decorations as well. My favorite one is their Haunted Mansion sign. It's a framed black and white sign. I also really like their framed sign that says "Happy Haunting to all and to all a good fright". They also have a lot of cute decorative pillows for Halloween. I think their Trick or Treat one is adorable.

They also have decorations for other seasons and holidays, like fall, Christmas, and Valentines Day. I think that their prices are really reasonable and affordable. Some decorations can be really expensive, so I love that these ones aren't and they are still good quality products.

Krumpet Décor is a boutique style company. They have unique, trendy pieces. They have a few stores in Utah and are also online. Check out their website and treat yourself to some new Halloween decorations.

Follow them on Instagram for design ideas for what you can do with your new decoration at @krumpetshomedecor.

Here's a look at some of our other Halloween decorations I used this year and where to get them-

Orange and black halloween signs

I got the I Love You More Than Candy sign at TJ Maxx 2 years ago. They probably don't still have it, but they always have good Halloween decorations at a good price. The October 31 sign is one of my favorites! It's reversible and they other side says Happy Halloween. I got this at Target 2 years ago in their One Spot.

Cute witch sign

I got this hanging Witches Welcome sign just a few months ago, so I'm excited to finally use it for Halloween! I love hanging decorations on door handles, so I knew that was where I wanted to put this. I got this from Zuri Goods.

Color me mine pumpkins

Adam and I painted these Jack-o-lanterns about 3 years ago at Color Me Mine. We had so much fun painting them and now we love putting them out every year. You can even light tealight candles in them and they glow. We'll do this some nights while watching Halloween movies.

Crafty wood cutouts halloween decoration

This Trick or Treat sign was one of our first Halloween decorations after getting married. I got the supplies at Crafty Wood Cutouts and painted it and put the vinyl on.

We sure love Halloween and hope that you do too! Have fun decorating!

Date Box: The Best Date Night at Home

Subscription date box

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Datebox is a company that sends you a box with everything you need in it for a date night at home. It's a subscription company, so you can get a Datebox every month.

I love the idea of this! It can be hard to be creative when planning date nights at home. Another struggle is figuring out everything you need and going around to a few different stores to get it. Datebox has solved these problems!

Date night at home ideas

Adam and I were super excited to get our first Datebox in the mail recently! We thought the box it came in was really cute. It says "It's time for your date" on it.

The box had a few different papers and booklets in it. One is to tell you everything that's in your box. Another tells you the other materials and things you'll need. The booklet says "welcome to your date" and has all of the information you need.

Date night in

The booklet tells you exactly what you're doing for the date and how to do it all step by step. It also has a list of fun questions for you and your partner to ask each other, and a recipe for a cocktail or mocktail.

The Datebox that we got has everything we need in it to make clay pots and plant herbs in them. Adam and I are plant obsessed, so we were really excited that this was what our date was going to be.

The box included clay, a paintbrush, chalk, chalkboard paint, soil, rope, 3 seed packets (cilantro, basil, and parsley), and a container of pink lemonade mix.

Datebox supplies

The first step for getting your Datebox is choosing the subscription you want to do. They have a digital only option which is $7.99 a month, a one month box that is $39.99 a month, a 3 month option that's $36.99 each month, and a 6 month plan that costs $32.99 every month.

After you choose which subscription you want, you personalize your box. You'll let them know what you and your significant other are into, like cooking and reading. This way the company can get to know what each couple likes and dislikes. They can then use that information to choose boxes that are perfectly suited for you.
Your Datebox will come in the mail around the 15th of each month. It's always a complete surprise to see what's in there!

Take 50% off your first Datebox with code 'emorgan50'!

Follow Datebox on Instagram @getdatebox to see what other couples are doing with their boxes.

I think that no matter how long you've been together, it's always important to make date night's a priority. Whether it's at home or not, date night is always really fun and great for couples.

Halloween TV Shows That Will Put You In The Halloween Spirit

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Last updated: 5/15/2019

I love it when TV shows do holiday themed episodes! Here’s a list of the Halloween episodes for some shows. The episodes are written with the season number, then the episode number. Watching these will for sure put you in the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Themed TV Shows:

Halloween Episodes of TV Shows

Friends Halloween Episodes

8:6 The One With The Halloween Party

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How I Met Your Mother Halloween Episodes

1:6 The Slutty Pumpkin
6:7 Canning Randy
7:8 The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

The Big Bang Theory Halloween Episodes

1:6 The Middle Earth Paradigm
5:7 The Good Guy Fluctuation
6:5 The Holographic Excitation

Boy Meets World Halloween Episodes

1:6 Boys To Mensa
2:6 Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf
5:5 The Witches of Penbrook
5:17 And Then There Was Shawn

The Mindy Project Halloween Episodes

1:4 Halloween

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween Episodes

1:5 A Halloween Story
2:7 A River of Candy Runs Through It
3:6 Good Will Haunting
4:6 Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
5:6 The Halloween Scene
6:4 Murder on the Halloween Express

Lizzie McGuire Halloween Episodes

1:24 Night Of The Day Of The Dead

Even Stevens Halloween Episodes

2:13 A Very Scary Story

Good Luck Charlie Halloween Episodes

2:25 Scary Had A Little Lamb
3:15 Le Halloween
4:14 Fright Knight

Jessie Halloween Episodes

2:1 The Whining
3:1 Ghost Bummers
3:23 The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein
4:18 The Ghostest With The Mostest

I Didn’t Do It

1:18 Next of Pumpkin
2:18 The Bite Club

Hannah Montana

1:17 Torn Between Two Hannahs

King of Queens

4:6 Ticker Treat

The Carrie Diaries

1:4 Fright Night

Pretty Little Liars

2:13 The First Secret
3:13 This Is A Dark Ride
4:13 Grave New World

Baby Daddy

4:1 Strip Or Treat

Melissa & Joey

1:11 Fright In The Attic
4:1 Witch Came First

Last Man Standing

1:4 Last Halloween Standing
3:5 Haunted House
5:6 Halloween
6:5 Trick or Treat
7:4 Bride of Prankenstein

New Girl

2:6 Halloween
3:6 Keaton


5:11 Fright Bites
9:8 Trick Or Treat, Chicken Feet!
13:6 A Very Piggy Halloween
17:8 Extreme Halloween
22:1 Mummies And Gummies
26:1 A Chopped Halloween
30:3 Best Halloween Ever
35:7 Spooked
40:6 Halloween Hijinks

Chopped Junior

3:7 Halloween Party

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

1:8 Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect: Part 1
1:9 Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect: Part 2
4:7 Hex And The Single Guy

Full House

3:8 Divorce Court

Fuller House

2:4 Curse of Tanner Manor

Stranger Things

2:2 Trick or Treat, Freak

Cutthroat Kitchen

5:3 Sabootage
9:8 Sabootage 2:Electric Boo-Galoo
14:1-5 Tournament of Terror

Guy’s Grocery Games

3:13 Aisle of Terror
6:7 An Offal Halloween
11:1 Halloween Spook Tacular
14:10 Guy's Ghostly Games
18:20 Flavortown Fright Night

ANT Farm

1:14 MutANT Farm
2:13 MutANT Farm II
3:11 MutANT Farm 3

Parks and Recreation

2:7 Greg Pikitis
4:5 Meet ‘n’ Greet
5:5 Halloween Surprise

Sonny With A Chance

2:17 A So Random Halloween Special


1:17 The Tale Of The Haunted Firehouse

So Random

1:15 A So Random Halloween/Iyaz

Step By Step

4:6 Something Wild
7:7 Dream Lover

Sister Sister

3:7 Halloween

Scream: The TV Series

2:13 Halloween Special

Beat Bobby Flay

6:5 Trick or Sweet
10:3 Howdy Halloween
13:12 Boil and Trouble

Modern Family

2:6 Halloween
4:5 Open House of Horrors
6:6 Halloween 3: AwesomeLand
8:5 Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook
9:5 It's the Great Pumpkin, Phil Dunphy
10:5 Good Grief

Shake It Up

2:4 Beam It Up
3:25 Haunt It Up

Dog With A Blog

2:3 Howloween
3:2 Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning

Austin & Ally

2:1 Costumes & Courage
3:20 Horror Stories & Halloween Scares
4:15 Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories

Liv & Maddie

1:5 Kang-a-Rooney
2:3 Helgaween-a-Rooney
3:4 Haunt-a-Rooney
4:3 Scare-a-Rooney

Girl Meets World

1:11 Girl Meets World: Of Terror
2:18 Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2
3:15 Girl Meets World of Terror 3

Wizards of Waverly Place

3:2 Halloween

Suite life of Zack & Cody

1:19 Ghost in Suite 613
3:12 Arwinstein

Phil of the future

1:15 Halloween

Kim Possible

1:14 October 31st

That’s So Raven

2:2 Don’t Have a Cow

Raven's Home

1:11 The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson
2:16 Switch or Treat

Best Friends Whenever

1:9 Cyd and Shelby's Haunted Escape
2:6 Night of the Were-Diesel


2:7 Camp Kiki-Slasher

KC Undercover

1:23 All Howl's Eve
2:19 Virtual Insanity

The Office

2:5 Halloween
7:6 Costume Contest
8:5 Spooked
9:5 Here Comes Treble

That ’70s Show

2:5 Halloween
3:4 Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

Kevin Can Wait

1:7 Hallow-We-Ain't-Home

Cake Boss

4:32 Coffins, Costumes, and a Cake on a Gurney

The Connors

1:3 There Won't Be Blood

Scream Queens

1:4 Haunted House
2:4 Halloween Blues

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My favorite episodes to watch from this list are the Friends Halloween episode and the Lizzie McGuire one! What are your favorites?

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Fall Booties From Me Too Shoes

fashionable fall booties

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Fall is the perfect time to wear booties. They look great with just about any outfit and are so easy to style. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, and overalls.

I got two super cute fun new pairs for this fall from Me Too Shoes. They have so many classic fall booties to choose from on their website.

I really love my Zo booties from Me Too Shoes. They're really comfortable and didn't give me any blisters. I got the black suede color, but they have more colors available. They're $74.95, but you can get a discount code by signing up for their emails.
I really like how these shoes are round in the toe area. That always makes them more comfortable for me and easier to walk in. They have some stretch on the side which makes it easy to get them on and take them off. They also have a little bit of a tapered heel.

Knee length jumper dress

My favorite way to wear booties is with a dress. I've already styled them with two. For my first outfit, I paired my Zo booties with the Annabelle Jumper Dress from Cleo Madison and a striped t-shirt from Old Navy.

I thought that the booties really tied this outfit together and gave it the fall vibes I was going for. It's still too hot to really dress like it's fall, so I was glad the outfit came together how I had hoped.

Modest long sleeved dress

The other dress I wore them with was a long sleeved striped dress. Some of the stripes in this dress are black, so I thought the black shoes went perfectly with the shoes.

The other pair of booties I got from Me Too Shoes are their Taze booties. These ones are $109.95 on their website. These ones also have a little bit of a heel on them too. I love heels this height because it makes you a little taller without being hard to walk in.

Cutout booties

My favorite thing about the Taze booties is that they have a criss cross on the top which creates little cutouts on the sides of the shoes. I thought this design was really unique and classy.

They have a zipper in the back to help with putting them on and taking them off. The tassel on the zipper is cute and adds more flair. I got the black goat color and they also have more colors in this style.

I wore these booties with another jumper dress. It's a burgundy corduroy jumper dress that I can't get enough of. I also wore a plain black long sleeve shirt underneath. I loved how the booties really completed the look. I'll be wearing this fashionable outfit a lot this fall. You could even wear tights and they would complement the shoes really well.

In addition to selling booties, Me Too Shoes also sells flats, loafers, boots, and sandals.

They have a great Instagram feed that will gives you tons of shoe styling inspo. You can follow them at @metooshoes.

I know I'll be wearing both of these fashionable pairs of shoes a lot this fall and winter and for many years to come!

18 Fall Activities in Utah You Can't Miss in 2020

Last updated: 1/1/2019

Fall is right around the corner! The air is starting to get a little crisp in the morning and it has me dreaming of everything we'll be doing this fall. Here's your guide to all things fall and Halloween in Utah in 2020.

Picture of Chalk the block
1. Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods in Provo September 14-16th. There are a bunch of artists here who do chalk art in a parking spot. It's amazing to see how talented they are and what they come up with for their design.
Oktoberfest in Utah

2. Oktoberfest at Snowbird. Open Saturdays and Sundays August 17-October 20 noon-6pm. Admission is free, but parking is $5 per car. Oktoberfest has the best kettle corn, so make sure to grab a bag while you're there. 
Alpine Slides Park City

3. Alpine Slides in Park City. This costs $22 per adult and $12 per child. 

4. Buy Apple Cider from Allred Orchards in Provo. They also have apples and other fresh produce you can buy.

5. Visit the Pumpkin Patch. There are tons of these in the area, but our favorites are Mabey Pumpkin Patch 10090 S 1000 W, South Jordan, UT 84095 and Kuwahara's 12153 S 700 W, Draper, UT. See pictures from when we went there here.

6. Gardner Village Witchfest mid-September through October. It is so much fun to walk around here and see all the unique Halloween decorations they have.

Cornbellys in Lehi Utah
Every year we get a picture in this big rocking chair at Cornbelly's!

7. Cornbelly's September 27-November 2. This is probably our favorite thing to do in October! We love the corn maze here and the huge rocking chair. We get a picture in it every year.

8. Sundance Ski Lift Full Moon Ride- August 16, 17, September 12, 13, 14, and October 11, 12. Bring lots of blankets and dress warm!

9. Sundance Ski Lift Halloween Ride- October 18-31, closed Sundays. We've done both the full moon ride and the Halloween ride. They're both fun! For the Halloween ones they have people doing skits below you that you watch along the way. Like I said for the full moon ride, bring blankets and dress very warm!

10. Central Utah Gardens Pumpkin Walk. There's not a ton to do here, so it's a pretty quick activity. It's fun to walk around and see all the carved pumpkins they have. Some of them are so intricate. This is a good activity for kids.

Cascade springs

11. Drive the Alpine Loop and stop at Cascade Springs. The colors of the leaves on this drive are unreal! You'll see every shade of red, orange, yellow, and green. We always stop at Cascade Springs to walk around. 

12. Go apple picking and bake a pie with the apples. If you're not into baking, then go get an apple pie from Costco. They're even vegan! We pick apples at Riley's U-Pick Farm in American Fork.

Color me mine pumpkins

13. Paint Halloween decorations at Color Me Mine. One year we painted some Jack-o-lanterns and they're some of our favorite Halloween decorations we have.

14. Go to a Haunted House. Nightmare on 13th is open for some of September and all of October. There are plenty of other haunted houses too.

15. The Strangling Bros Haunted Circus. I'm way too scared to go to anything like this, but I know some people love it. They're located in American Fork and are open for dates from September to the beginning of November.

16. Swiss Days August 30 and 31. This is a fun little festival to walk around and shop at in Midway.

17. Boo at the Zoo at the Hogle Zoo

18. Pumpkin Nights. We haven't been to this before, but can't wait to go this year! 

What will you be doing this fall in Utah? I hope you all have a fun fall and a spooky October! 

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