Park Bound Emporium Harry Potter Tee

Platform nine and three quarters t-shirt

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Something that I have gotten very into this year is Harry Potter. When we were in Scotland a few months ago we saw some of the places where J.K. Rowling wrote the books and we saw the street that inspired Diagon Alley.

Since then, Adam and I started reading the books together and watching each movie after we finish the book. With my Harry Potter obsession also came the desire to find some Harry Potter graphic tees. Park Bound Emporium is an Etsy shop that sells Disney shirts and Harry Potter shirts.

I loved their Disney shirts and their Harry Potter shirts. My absolute favorite is their Platform Shirt. It says 9 3/4 with a circle around it. This signifies Platform 9 and 3/4 in Harry Potter which is where they go to catch the train to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Graphic Tee

I got the shirt in heather purple with black print. I love purple and don't have a lot of it in my closet, so that was why I chose purple. You have a lot of options when choosing what color you would like the shirt in and you also get to choose the color for you ink.

The Platform Shirt that I got is short sleeved. It's been so cold here in Utah that I didn't dare go outside in short sleeve shirt though, so I paired it with an old black and grey cardigan.

The shirt has a tighter fit and a more swooped neckline. They are womens sizing and I felt that it was true to size.

Their Disney Shirts are also really fun and unique. My favorites were the Arendelle Ice Co Short Sleeve Shirt and their Belle's Books Shirts. Either of these would be super fun to wear to Disneyland or Disney World.

The estimated shipping time for this company is about 2-3 weeks.

Harry potter shirt

If we ever go back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, it would be so much fun to wear this there. I would love to take pictures in it with Diagon Alley and the Knight Bus. We went to the one in Florida about 4 years ago, but that was before I loved Harry Potter. It would be much more exciting to go now!

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Aurlex Tees: Christmas Graphic T-Shirt

unique graphic tees

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I'm always looking for fun graphic tees and I just found another company I love. Aurlex Tees sells their graphic t-shirts on Etsy and they have some seriously cute designs.

I loved so many of their shirts, but the one that I decided to get is the Christmas Movie Watching Shirt. I got it in heather maroon. I really liked the heather red color for Christmas, but I think that maroon looks better on me, so I went with that color. They also have this shirt in black, heather navy, dark grey heather, and heather deep teal.

Christmas Graphic Tee from Flop the World Pop

Christmas lights t-shirt

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Christmas graphic tees are so fun! I got the cutest one recently from a store called Flop The World Pop.

They have tons of Christmas t-shirt designs on their website and I love so many of them. My absolute favorite though is their Let's Get Lit Unisex T-shirt. I love the design with the Christmas lights on it and the black writing. Also, I thought that was such a funny saying to pair with the Christmas lights!

Christmas Lights in Utah

synchronized christmas lights

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

We take our holidays very seriously around here and are always looking for more traditions to add to our ever-growing list. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to look at Christmas lights. One of our favorite places to see Christmas lights in Utah is at Christmas in Color.

Taylor Swift Top from Pick and Roll

Taylor swift shirt

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

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When I can't decide on what to wear, my go-to outfit is a graphic tee and jeans. I love having a large selection of graphic tees so that I can wear different ones and choose specific ones based on my mood.

My favorite singer is hands down Taylor Swift. I have a few Taylor Swift shirts, but always believe I can add more to my closet. I found a company recently that has plenty of Taylor Swift shirts, it's called Pick and Roll. They're known for having slogans on their t-shirts.

They have a lot of  fun designs that I really like, but my favorite one in their shop is the Call It What You Want T-Shirt. I got this shirt in dark heather grey and size small. I love the contrast of the dark fabric with the white print on it. The shirt is true to size, so I am glad that I chose to get it in my usual size. The shirts on unisex, but I am a fan of a looser fit for my t-shirts.

swiftie shirt

This shirt is in reference to Taylor Swift's song "Call It What You Want" from her Reputation album. It's one of my favorite albums of hers. It is so different from her other albums, but has such a fresh sound to it.
Back in May, Adam, his sister, and I went to Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour in Denver, Colorado. We had so much fun at the show and became more obsessed than ever with Taylor and her music. You can get her Reputation album here.

The song "Call It What You Want" is one of my favorite's from her latest album, so I was excited to see that Pick and Roll had a shirt for it. Most graphic tee company's that I see with Taylor Swift shirts just have shirts for her song "Delicate", so it's fun that this company had tees for other shirts too.

Call it what you want tee

This shirt is very comfortable. I also love how underneath the main print it says #reputation and I love that it's all in the font that Taylor Swift uses for her Reputation album and tour.

This shirt is on sale right now for just $16.96! That is such a good deal for a fun graphic tee.

My other favorite graphic tees on their website are their All is Calm All is Bright Shirt, their Be Kind Shirt, and their Shake It Off Shirt. All three of these shirts are also on sale for $16.96 right now!

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