Panda Express Will Now Have Vegan Options

Yesterday it was announced that Panda Express will join the ranks of fast food places that have vegan options. Big thanks to Vegan Outreach for making this possible.

What's vegan at Panda Express?

The two vegan dishes at Panda Express will be Eggplant Tofu and Chow Mein. They were previously not vegan because they contained chicken broth and animal-based seasonings. 

panda express vegan options
Picture of Eggplant Tofu that will now be made vegan

You'll be able to order these by the end of February 2019 at any of their 2,000 locations.

The last couple of years have been good to us vegans. McDonald's made their Apple Pie vegan in Canada (source). Taco Bell is set to release new vegan menu items this year (source). Carl's Jr rolled out the Beyond Meat Burger (source).

I'm very excited to see what other restaurants will do. Smart companies are watching the vegan space. In fact, "Sales of vegan foods in America in the year to June 2018 rose ten times faster than food sales as a whole.” (source)

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