Fun Colored Walls at The Outlets at Traverse Mountain

aqua and pink wall

We recently found out about some really fun walls in Lehi, Utah. We love finding colored walls and taking pictures at them, so we were excited when we found out about these. They are the colored walls at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain.

They are on the outside, so they're not easy to find if you don't know where you're going. They're located on the West side, so you'll want to head to where H&M is and keep walking to the end. Then you'll turn left and they're right there.

There are 4 colors- aqua, pink, yellow, and turquoise, in that order from left to right. I love how you can take pictures at each color separately, or you can stand in the middle and get 2 colors in your picture.

pink and yellow walls

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with twins right now and wanted to take a new belly picture. I was thinking about where to take it and knew that we had to go to the color walls at the outlets. Sadly, it was raining and super windy, so I didn't think today would work for pictures.

My sweet husband told me that we should just go look at the walls and get a feel for where they are and maybe the rain would clear up. I agreed and we went anyway.

The rain turned into just a sprinkle, so we decided to try taking my bumpdate and see how it would go. We thought they turned out so well! I love how bright the walls are and they were the perfect backdrop to show my growing twin pregnancy bump.

It's funny that the walls are near H&M because that's where my whole maternity outfit is from there! I haven't wanted to spend much money on maternity clothes since I'll only need them for a few months. I've found pants, shorts, leggings, and shirts from there that I really like. They're really affordable, but don't lack quality.

I love to wear their black capri leggings and this blue shirt is my favorite one I've gotten so far.

colored walls at outlets at traverse mountains

I got the shirt in dark blue, you can shop for it here. My leggings are the black Mama 3/4 length leggings. You can shop for them here.

When you take photos at the colored walls you can post them on social media and use #traversestyle to be entered to win a gift card. You can also tag the outlet's Instagram, which is @traverseoutlets.