Vegan Halloween Candy: What You Should Hand Out This Year

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Halloween isn't the same without candy, and there are plenty of options that vegans can enjoy as well. It's so fun to eat Halloween candy while watching a Halloween movie. As a vegan, I don't want to shop for non-vegan Halloween candies to give out to trick or treaters, so you'll find vegan Halloween candy in our candy bowl. This list will help you with what to put in your candy bowl.

Vegan Halloween candy options

1. Airheads

2. Sour Patch Kids

3. Swedish Fish

4. Skittles

5. Laffy Taffy- only the small version. The big version has eggs.

6. JJ's Cocomels- these are carmel candies made from coconut milk instead of dairy milk. Read my review of them here.

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7. Jolly Rancher

8. Dots

9. Blow Pops

10. Smarties

11. Sour Patch Watermelons

12. Fun Dip

13. Dum Dums

14. Pixie Stix

15. Unreal Peanut Butter Cups- this are vegan chocolate peanut butter cups

16. Twizzlers- all varieties

17. Red Vines

18. Sweet Tarts

19. Mamba

20. Gobstoppers

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21. Jujubees

22. Jujyfruits

23. Lemonheads

24. Nerds

25. Now and Later

26. Ring Pops

27. Hubba Bubba

28. Mike & Ike

29. Gobstoppers

Other 100% vegan options for your candy bowl

These vegan foods are also options of what you could pass out to trick or treaters on Halloween night

1. Annie's Fruit Snacks- these are organic

2. Fruit by the Foot

3. Fruit Roll Ups

4. Small bags of Rold's Gold Pretzels

5. Small bags of chips- Ruffles, Lays, or original Sun Chips

6. Oreos

All of these candies and items on this list are dairy-free and they don't contain any other animal products.

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Animal ingredients you want to stay away from

Dairy - this is products from milk from animals, usually mammals.

Gelatin - this is derived from animal parts, like skin, bones, and hooves. It typically comes from pigs and cows. Read what PETA has to say about Gelatin here.

Confectioners Glaze - this is made from secretions of female beetles. It is a hard coating used on many candies, but surprisingly it is not used on Skittles in the US.

Carmine Color - a deep red color obtained from insects.

My favorite items on this list are JJ's Cocomels, Red Vines, and Annie's Fruit Snacks. I prefer things that do not contain artificial colors, so the only Red Vines I eat are the Made Simple ones.

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