Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Sacks

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We've been swaddling Milo and Violet since they were born in July. They can both roll from belly to back, but not quite back to belly. Milo hasn't shown an interest in it yet, but Violet tries so hard everyday. Since she's getting so close to rolling, we don't feel comfortable swaddling her anymore.

The reason why is because we read that Rachel Y. Moon, MD from the American Academy of Pediatrics said, "when your baby looks like he or she is trying to roll over, you should stop swaddling." source

At first we were "like what do we do since we can't swaddle her now?" Then my sister told us about sleep sacks. We got these really cool weighted sleep sacks from Dreamland Baby Co.

weighted baby blankets

The sleep sacks we got from Dreamland Baby Co are their Dream Wearable Weighted Blankets. Milo and Violet are 6 months old, but they were born 3 months early. Because of this they're the size of 3 month old babies. We got them the 0-6 month size. It's for babies who are 8-16 pounds. My babies are about 11 and 12 pounds right now, so we're excited that they can wear them for a while.

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It's such a cute weighted blanket and we love that it's gender neutral. It's white with little grey stars on it. It has a quilted look to it and zips up onto the baby.

It's a really cool blanket since it weighted. It helps babies fall asleep quickly because it makes them feel like they're being hugged, which makes them feel safe. This is really important for Milo. We've noticed that he has to feel safe and know that we're nearby for him to fall asleep.

These blankets also help babies self soothe, stop moro reflex, increase melatonin, increase serotonin, and decrease cortisol.

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Since Milo isn't trying to roll from back to front yet we still swaddle him at night. Violet sleeps in her sleep sack at night and Milo sleeps in his sometimes during the day.

The transition from swaddling to using sleep sacks was a little rough for Violet. She had been swaddled every day and night for almost 6 months, so it was hard for her to fall asleep with her arms out. We just had to be patient with the transition for a few nights, but now she's doing great. Dreamland Baby Co's sleep sacks have really helped us!

dreamland baby co sleep sacks

I also love how they have dual zippers. It's so easy to zip our babies up in them and the dual zipper makes it so easy to change diapers without having to completely take them out of the sleep sack. It's the best when babies also have an outfit that zips from the top to bottom because that will make diaper changing even easier.

We are so grateful for products like this that help our babies sleep! We hope other moms will benefit from them and love them too.

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