20 Easter Family Traditions Your Family Will Love

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Easter is a special time for traditions. Here are 20 fun Easter family traditions that you can do with your children this year that will help you create special memories and enjoy Easter with your loved ones.

Easter Family Tradition #1 - Make birdhouses for Peeps

Make birdhouses for peeps this Easter.
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Use graham crackers and frosting to build a little house. Put a Peeps chick in it and some decorations for grass and eggs.

#2 - Dye Easter eggs 

You can buy kits for this that make dyeing Easter eggs super easy. If you don't want to dye them, you could paint them instead.

While it seems unclear as to where the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs comes from, one of the earliest recorded evidences of it dates back to 1290 and Edward 1. Read more about it here.

#3 - Easter baskets

Fill your kids' Easter baskets with little things they'll love like candy, coloring books, and toys. Hide them throughout your house and have your kids go find their basket on Easter morning.

#4 - Leave a trail of Easter bunny footprints

Leaving a trail of bunny footprints is a great easter family tradition to start.
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You can put out Easter bunny footprints around your house or yard so that it looks like he was there. You could also use a stencil of his foot and put powdered sugar around it.

#5 - Easter egg hunt

Hide plastic eggs filled with candy, like jelly beans, all around your backyard or house for your kids to hunt for. My parents always gave us each a certain color egg so that we got an equal amount of eggs.

#6 - Take a picture with the Easter bunny

Some malls have the Easter bunny there so that you can visit him and get a picture.

#7 - Decorate an Easter cake

Decorating an Easter bunny cake is another awesome Easter family tradition.
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Bake a cake, frost it, and decorate it. You can do bunnies, chicks, or eggs. Use frosting or candy.

#8 - Make Jello eggs

Use Jello egg molds and fill them with Jello. These are really pretty and such an easy treat to make.

#9 - Read Easter books

There are tons of children's Easter books that you can read to your little ones. Some good ones to start with are Llama Llama Easter Egg, Happy Easter, Mouse!, Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure, and The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story.

#10 - Decorate sugar cookies

Decorate sugar cookies for Easter
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Get some cookie cutters in the shapes of eggs, chicks, or bunnies. Decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

#11 - Leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny

You know how you leave out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer? Start a tradition of leaving out carrots for the Easter bunny too!

#12 - Watch the movie Hop

Hop is such a fun movie about the Easter Bunny's son.

#13 - Resurrection eggs


As a Christian parent, you'll want to help your kids understand the Easter story, which consists of Christ's death and resurrection. Resurrection eggs do just that. These eggs have different symbols in them and things to read so that you can learn about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Get them here

#14 - Watch It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

We love watching Charlie Brown movies so this is definitely in our Easter line up.

#15 - Buy Easter dresses

Easter is usually when the weather starts to get nicer, so it's fun to have a new, spring dress to wear. If you have daughters, you can even do mommy and me dresses.

Here's a list of 12 beautiful modest Easter dresses. 

#16 - Have the Easter bunny come to visit

If you don't want to go to the mall, you can dress up as the Easter bunny for your kids.

#17 - Easter dinner

Host a traditional Easter dinner for your family to eat together that evening. Here is a great list of 10 traditional Easter dinner recipes.

#18 - Bake hot cross buns

This is an English tradition that symbolizes the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Here's a recipe for vegan hot cross buns.

#19 - Make an Easter craft

Easter bunny craft you can do with your kids
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Crafts make great activities for kids! Find a cute craft you can do with your kids. They can give it to a grandparent as an Easter gift or you can keep it as an Easter decoration.

#20 - Decorate an Easter tree

Easter egg tree tradition
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You can use a tree in your yard or you can buy a special Easter Tree. Decorate it with ornaments and Easter eggs.

How does your family celebrate Easter? Let me know in the comments.

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