Winter Activities in Midway, Utah

Last Saturday we decided to go have some fun in Midway, Utah. It's not the biggest of towns, but we love to go every winter to go to the Midway Ice Castles and to go ice skating. 

Utah ice castles

First, we went to the Ice Castles. It's best to buy tickets online before you go. This way you can avoid finding out that it's sold out when you get there. To go on a Friday or Saturday it's $14.95 for an adult and $8.95 for kids if you buy online. If you buy tickets in person, then it's $19 for adults and $12 for kids. It's kind of pricy, but it's very unique. I've never been anywhere else like it. 
We went to the Ice Castles 3 years ago and this year it was much better. We thought it was bigger and there was more to do. There were more tunnels, caves, and slides. The slides are a lot of fun, but you do get pretty wet. The website recommends wearing boots, and I definitely recommend it too. You're walking in snow the whole time, so higher boots are the way to go. I'd also suggest bringing an extra pair of socks for the drive home in case yours get wet. Bundle up for coming here because it really is cold! Wear a big jacket, a beanie, and gloves. 

There are some concession foods, but they're overpriced, so eat before you come and bring a few snacks. 

After the Ice Castles, we went over to the Midway City Ice Rink. We love a good outdoor ice skating rink, so this one has been our go-to for years! It's a small ice rink, but isn't too busy. 

Midway ice skating

This year the ice rink will stay open until March 3rd. With skate rentals, it costs $10 for adults and $9 for kids. If you're looking for some fun winter activities, but aren't too into skiing or snowboarding, then the Ice Castles and ice skating are perfect!

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