Soaking Clothing On The Go

soaking solution

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Wash It Later is a super cool company that has the solution for soaking clothing on the go. We've all gotten stains on something while we're out or on vacation and it's not fun having to wait till you get home to work on getting the stain out.

Wash It Later sells a Pack of 3 Soak and Save Bags that are only $12.99. The three bags come in the cutest packaging! I love the shiny gold polka dots on it. The Soak and Save bags are also really cute. They're black and white striped, which I'm a sucker for.

soak and save bags

These bags are perfect for babies, but we can all use them whether we have kids or not. I know we'll definitely be traveling with ours this summer! There's nothing worse than getting something on your clothes while traveling and having to wait a few days or a week to get the stain out.

The bags are recyclable and each come with a soap pod that is all natural and hypoallergenic. When you get a stain or make a mess, put the item of clothing in the bag following the instructions to start getting rid of the stain.
Here are the steps-
  • Put the clothing inside the bag
  • Add 1-3 cups of water
  • Remove the strip, exposing the adhesive
  • Fold the tape in half and press firmly, starting in the center
  • Pinch the corners and complete the seal
  • Roll the bag tightly from the top and secure it with the locking tape
The adhesive seal is really strong, so when you'll have to use scissors to get it open again.

Wash it later

Wash It Later is owned by Hannah, her husband, and sister-in-law. Hannah is a mom and had wondered why there wasn't anything out there to help with stains on the go, so they decided to fulfill that need.

Follow Wash It Later on Instagram @washitlater to see their fun feed. They also have a blog on their website that is fun to check out.