6 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Women

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I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

With summer right around the corner, everyone is getting ready for summer vacations. We have a few coming up that I can't wait to blog about! I'm an over-planner, so you better believe I'm doing tons of research and making packing lists for each vacay.

Here are the 6 summer vacation travel essentials for women that I can't travel without this summer:

1. Clio Electric Shaver

One of the things that's definitely on my list is my new Clio Palmperfect Electric Shaver with USB. This women's electric shaver works wonders! I hate shaving my legs, like most girls. Most of the time when I want to, I forget in the shower and have to wait another day. My Palmperfect shaver works wet or dry though! So if I don't shave in the shower, it's not like I missed my chance for the day. I have only used my shaver dry, so I don't have any tips for using it wet. I did read on their website to only use it dry if you're charging the USB though.

I love how the Clio Palmperfect shaver is battery powered and super light weight. The one I have can be used with AAA batteries or you can charge it through the USB port. The USB charger does not come with it though. They have different colors and patterns that I think are so fun and feminine. The one I got is blue with green, aqua, and blue polka dots.

Electric razor for women

It shaves pretty close to the skin and I can get the job done relatively fast. I wouldn't say the shave is quite as close as it is with a razor, but it's close enough that you can't see any hair. I just noticed that I could feel a little. It's definitely much easier than shaving with a razor though, so I would say that it's worth it. You can use it on your legs, bikini line, face, or underarms.

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You can use their store locator to find a store nearby that sells Clio products. The stores near me that had them in the Salt Lake area were Target and Walmart. You can get the battery operated Palmperfect Electric Shaver from Walmart's website for $8.82. So affordable and such a good deal!

Affordable electric shaver

2. Sun hat

I always take a sun hat with me on tropical vacations because I burn so easily. These are cute and so necessary.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must because summer is sunny and bright. You'll probably be in the car a lot and these will get a lot of use.

4. Passport

A passport is required for international travel. Make sure yours isn't expired, even if you think it's not. It's better to just check and be safe.

5. Lotion

I use a lot of lotion already, but even more on vacation. I'm constantly washing my hands, which dries them out like crazy. If you get sunburnt, you'll be super grateful to have lotion on hand.

6. GoMacro protein bars

My favorite GoMacro protein bar is the peanut butter one. Their bars are all vegan and I love traveling with them. There's not always vegan food options on planes, so I always make sure I have a few of these in my carry-on.

It's the worst when you finally get to your vacation destination and realize you forgot something. We've all been there where we had to take time away from the fun to head to the local drug store and hope you can find what you need. Save yourself from doing that and start making your packing lists now.

I'm so excited to take my shaver on my trips, especially the beach ones! Give Clio a follow on Instagram at @cliostyle and see more of their products.

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