4 Coconut Milk Based Vegan Caramels You Must Try

dairy free caramel

Last updated on: 2/27/19

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I used to love to eat caramel, especially caramel apples. When I went vegan I had to stop eating caramel though because all the ones I knew of had milk product in them. I finally found a vegan caramel though! The company that makes them is called Cocomels.

Instead of being milk based, these Cocomels are made with coconut milk. They are vegan, dairy-free, organic, kosher, and non-GMO. On top of all that, they're also super tasty!

JJs cocomel candies
Necklace: Sunshine Native Co
The company has a few different products, including naked cocomels, chocolate covered cocomels, and cocomel bites. We got one of each flavor of the naked cocomels. Here's what the flavors are-

1. Vanilla

vegan vanilla caramel

This was my favorite flavor! I love snacking on these when I want a little sweet treat. The vanilla flavor is there, but isn't super strong, which I love.

vegan candy

We recently went with Adam's family to the Ute Stampede Rodeo and I knew that there would be no vegan food options for me. So I brought a few snacks including a bag of these. I loved sharing them with Adam's family and they all thought they tasted great.

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2. Original

Coconut milk caramels

The original flavor tastes just like a normal caramel. I still can't believe I found a company that has vegan caramels that taste so amazing! In the fall I have always loved melting a little bowl of caramel and dipping apple slices into it. I haven't been able to do this since going vegan, but now that problem is solved! I can't wait to eat an apple with caramel dipping sauce while I watch Hocus Pocus this year.

Vegan caramel dipping sauce

To melt the caramels I put 6 of them in a bowl, which I thought was the right amount of caramel for a small apple. I put them in the microwave for 10 seconds, stirred them, then put them in for another 10 seconds. Make sure you don't overcook the caramel because then it will come out super hard and chewy.

3. Sea Salt

Sea salt caramels

The sea salt cocomel was the first one I tried and it got me hooked. I love the soft consistency of it. It's very similar to the original flavor, but with a little salt. Personally, I could go for just a tad more sea salt in these. I love the mix of sweet and salty.

I brought these with us on our trip to visit my family for the 4th of July. No one in my family is vegan, but I gave everyone one to try and they all couldn't believe they were vegan since they taste so great.

4. Espresso

Vegan espresso caramels

This has been one of Adam's favorite flavors that we tried. The espresso flavor is pretty subtle, which is nice because then you can still taste the caramel.

It is so hard to find vegan candy that isn't full of food coloring. I love that JJ's Cocomels uses natural ingredients to make a healthier alternative to candy.

vegan caramel candies

Do yourself a favor and order some of these delicious caramels! They're sold here on Amazon. You can get a 3 pack of a variety of flavors for $14.95. These would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Follow @jjscocomels on Instagram to keep up with what this awesome company is doing.

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Vegan caramels

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6 Ways to Reduce Carbon Waste

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Around here we're always looking for way to reduce carbon waste and use less plastic. The Earth has a big trash and plastic problem and we want to do our best towards contributing to fix it. Did you know about the plastic island that's 3 times the size of France and 2 times the size of Texas?

Here are some of the ways that we work on this-

1. Bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes

We got our bamboo toothbrushes from Giving Brush. Adam and I both have the Rainbow Themed Eco-Friendly Giving Brush. It's usually $20 for one, but right now you can get them for free! This is such a cool toothbrush since it is made out of bamboo instead of plastic. Plastic never biodegrades and is so bad for our environment. I love the look of this brush. The rainbow bristles are so fun and unique. I think the bamboo looks really pretty too.

The Giving Brush has a few other bamboo, eco-friendly products. They have a free Eco-Friendly Bamboo Straw, and Eco-Friendly Giving Brush that comes with white, black, or tan bristles, a bamboo toothbrush holder, and a bamboo travel case.
This company was started when one of the co-founders was surfing and saw a ton of plastic toothbrushes floating around as garbage in the ocean. The ocean has a big plastic problem that needs to be worked on. The owners of the Giving Brush have a goal to replace 1/4 of plastic toothbrush users with bamboo toothbrushes.

Eco friendly toothbrushes

The bamboo that is used for these products is 100% organic with no added pesticides or chemicals. It's coated in a natural wax. Bamboo is very sustainable and can grow very fast. If it's in the right conditions, it can grow 4 feet in one day. The bamboo will not grow bacteria on it after getting wet.

The type of bamboo used to make these is moso bamboo. Pandas do not eat this kind of bamboo, so these products aren't taking food away from pandas. Another reason I love these is because they are vegan. The bristles are plant-based.

2. Reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bag

This is such an easy thing to do. Buy a few reusable grocery bags and keep them in your car for when you go to the grocery store. At first, we kept forgetting to bring our bags. So what we do is after we unload all the groceries, we put the bag right by the door so we can't miss it on our way out to the car. These bags are really cheap. We got some from our local grocery store that were only 99 cents each.

This saves you from using tons of plastic grocery bags. I will admit though, self-checkout can be a little more annoying when you use a reusable bag because it always thinks there's an item that shouldn't be there.

3. Not using produce bags

I'm so used to grabbing a little plastic bag to put my produce in, but at some point I realized that I didn't really need it. I always throw them away once we get home anyway. I think they can be kind of nice for things like lettuce or broccoli, but your limes and apples really don't need to go in a bag.

If you like using these bags though, you can get reusable ones. These mesh produce bags are $13.97 for a set of 9.

4. Don't use straws

There's a really sad video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose. It's horrible to watch and this needs to stop. Watch, but only if you're brave enough!

I found a super cute tee that says Skip a Straw Save a Turtle that reminds me of this video every time I see it.

Skip a straw save a turtle tee

Do we really need to use straws anyway? They're convenient, but they're not worth what they're doing to the environment. Starbucks just made new lids that don't require straws. I hope more companies get on board with doing this.

5. Reducing use of plastic utensils

It can be hard to not use these because sometimes they are the only utensil option at a restaurant. If you're taking food to go and eating it at home, don't take them. You can use a fork at home instead. There are biodegradable forks and utensils you can get though. These are a really cool option.

6. Recycle

When possible, it is always good to recycle. Some people have recycling bins at home that get picked up by the city. If you don't, do some research to find a recycling center near you.

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Ways to reduce carbon waste

Fun Character Decals

harry potter and minnie mouse

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

MC Studio Design is an Etsy shop that has so many fun decals that help you personalize things in your life. They're based in Florida and mainly sell decals that are character related, like Disney and Harry Potter. 

They sell decal stickers for phone cases, computers, magic bands and more. They also sell some t-shirts as well.

I got one decal for me and one for Adam. I chose the Mickey and Minnie Kissing Decal for myself because I thought it was so cute and I loved how it was Disney. It has Mickey and Minnie Mouse facing each other and a heart in between them.
For Adam, I chose the Harry Potter Decal. He's always been a Harry Potter fan and I knew that he would like how this one was more simple. It just has a little lightning bolt (like the one on Harry Potter's forehead) and his glasses. 

cups with decals

We chose to put our decals on cups. We just used solid colored cups from Target's One Spot. We got a pack of 4 for $3. A lot of cups can be pretty boring, so we thought this was a good way to make them more unique. 

My other favorite decals from this shop are the Mary Poppins one and the Tigger one.

These decal stickers are such a cool way to show your personality and which fandoms you love being a part of. 

Follow MC Studio Design on Instagram @mc.studiodesign to see more of their products and see what else people are putting their decals on. 

Best Online Store For Affordable Graphic Tees

Tickled teal friends shirt

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm completely obsessed with graphic tees right now! One of my new favorite stores for affordable graphic tees is Tickled Teal.

They have a huge selection and so many colors to choose from. I had such a hard time deciding what I wanted to get from them. I initially found them because they had some Disney graphic tees I liked, but once I looked through everything I was so in love with their Friends tops!

Friends will always be my favorite show and somehow I didn't have a Friends shirt yet, so I knew I wanted one of those.

Friends graphic tee

I chose the Friends Crew Neck Tee in grey. The color is a little darker than a heather grey, but not as dark as charcoal. The shirt says "Rachel & Ross & Phoebe & Joey & Monica Chandler" in black lettering.

It also comes in black, clay, slate blue, royal blue, raspberry, navy, and teal.The top is super soft, a nice, long length, and true to size. I love how it's a long shirt because I can wear it with leggings or jeans. I ordered a size small, which is my normal size.
All of Tickled Teal's shirts are made to order, so shipping times can be a little longer. I didn't wait long at all for my shirt though.

Something else that's so cool about this company is that their products are very affordable. The top I got is $20.99. Most graphic tee companies charge more than this. Also, you take 15% off your order by signing up for their email newsletter. They even have free shipping in the U.S.

Grey graphic tee

I think these tees would make great gifts and I plan on giving some to my sisters and friends. I know they'll love them just as much as I do!

The other Friends tv show t-shirts I loved were the They Don't Know Crew Neck Tee and the Pivot Crew Neck Tee. Both of these are $20.99 as well. I love the They Don't Know Crew Neck Tee because it uses the Friends font for some of the words. The Pivot Crew Neck Tee is so funny to me because I love that episode where Ross can't get his couch into his apartment and keeps saying pivot. It's such a classic episode!

I also really love their On Mondays We Watch the Bachelor Crew Neck Tee. I really do live by this rule, so it would be a fun shirt to wear while watching the show.

The Race You To The Castle Crew Neck Tee is another favorite of mine. I'd love to wear this shirt on a day to Disneyland. It's so cute how it has the Disneyland castle on it.

Tickled Teal also sells Tote Bags, Accessories, Baby Onesies, and Fashion Clothing. They're based in San Diego, CA and everything is custom made in their studio there.

Follow Tickled Teal on Instagram @tickledteal to see more fun shirts and get styling ideas.

Statement Tees: The Desert is Calling Tee

Alley and rae Charcoal graphic tee

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

Graphic tees are so fun and I'm all about them this summer. Most of them are loose fitting, which is a must for me. I love that because it means they're comfortable and can breathe in the hot weather.

I got my newest one from a statement graphic tee company called Alley and Rae Apparel. They sell graphic tees, tanks, and long sleeves. They also have other goods, like mugs, water bottles, and pillows.
They have a large selection of graphic tees and believe me, it's way hard to choose just one! After looking over all of them many times I finally decided on The Desert is Calling Tee. The main reason I chose this shirt was because of my slight cactus obsession. Aren't cactus things just the cutest?

The top is $34. I got it in the charcoal black triblend color. It also comes in a clay triblend color which is a great color for summer or fall. It has white printing on it that says "The Desert is Calling and I Must Go". It also has a big cactus and some mountains. The shirt is so soft.

Starbucks dragonfruit mango refresher
This Starbucks drink is their new Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher with coconut milk. It's delicious!
I love how the design takes up most of the shirt and is so bold. This is one of those shirts that you can wear year-round. I've already worn it with jeans and with shorts. It's a unisex tee. I got size small and it has a nice, loose fit, which is exactly what I wanted. I would say that it's true to size. They recommend that women order their normal size for a relaxed fit, or go down a size for a tighter fit. They have sizes XS-XXL.

Alley and Rae's shirts are printed when you order them. Allow up to 7 business days for your order to ship to allow them time to make it. The ink they use is water-based and eco-friendly. They're also made in the US and are sweatshop-free.

They warn you that it can smell a little like vinegar before you wash it, but mine didn't smell at all. Alley and Rae recommends hanging the shirt for it to dry to keep the graphic on there.

Cactus graphic tee

Alley and Rae has a lot more cute tees and prodcuts too. My other favorites are the I Donut Care Tee, the Stay Golden Tee, and the Comfy AF Unisex Sweatshirt.

This company cares about giving back, so proceeds from each order go toward fighting hunger. They've already provided 6,890 meals to people in need. They also offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Follow them on Instagram @alleyandrae to keep up with new tees and styling inspiration. Share you pictures in their tops using #alleyandrae.