Where To Get Vegan Doughnuts In Salt Lake City

Vegan doughnuts in utah

Last updated on: 1/27/19

Doughnuts are a big weakness for Adam and I. We fell in love with Mighty O's when we lived in Washington. Since moving back to Utah, we couldn't find a vegan doughnut we liked until we tried The Big O Doughnuts.

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Recently, we were bored one Saturday and I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Instagram. I came across a picture of the most perfect looking doughnut from Big O Doughnuts in Salt Lake City. We immediately put our shoes on and headed over there.

All of their doughnuts are plant based, so vegans don't have to worry about any cross contamination. They have raised doughnuts and cake doughnuts.

Plant based doughnuts

Adam and I decided to get 2 doughnuts each. I got the maple bar and a classic glazed with rainbow sprinkles. Adam got a triple berry and a tart lemon. The maple bar and triple berry were raised doughnuts, while the other two were cake doughnuts.
My absolute favorite was the maple bar. It was so fluffy and had a delicious maple frosting on it.

The berry one was really good and fluffy too. Adam really liked this one and I did too. The berry frosting on it was very flavorful and fresh.

Vegan glazed doughnut

The glazed doughnut is a cake doughnut with glaze and rainbow sprinkles. The glaze on it was good, but this wasn't my favorite doughnut. It was pretty crispy and crunchy, unlike the raised doughnuts.

The lemon tart doughnut has a really good, tangy lemon frosting on it. This doughnut was also crunchy and crispy, like the glazed one. They were both still really good, but I would recommend the raised doughnuts over the cake doughnuts.

They had a lot of other flavors in the case too that looked good. We can't wait to try more flavors next time we go. Something cool that they do is sell doughnuts from the day before for 1/2 off. This is a good deal because each doughnut is about $3, so the 1/2 off ones are just $1.50.

This company is family owned and was started in May of 2015. They use local ingredients whenever it is possible and everything in their shop is plant-based and 100% vegan.

Big O Doughnuts has a really cute shop. They have comfy couches, free wifi, and free water. The outside is such a cute building too. It has brick painted white and their name painted on top of that.

the big o donuts

You can find Big O Doughnuts in Salt Lake at 248 W 900 S. Check their hours before going and also check their Instagram @thebigodoughnuts. Sometimes they close for the night if they sell out early, which they post on Instagram.

They're located just across the street from Vertical Diner, which is another vegan place that everyone in Utah should try. This place is very hip and unique. Our favorite food to order here is the breakfast options on their menu. They have awesome biscuits and gravy and I can't get enough of their chocolate chip pancakes.

Vegan donuts seattle
Sprinkle donut and nutty chocolate donut from Mighty-O Donuts
Our other favorite vegan doughnut shop we've been to was Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle. When we lived there, we went to their Green Lake location a lot. If you get the chance to go, we highly recommend it. The best donut we had there was the maple bar, but they didn't make very many of these and they sell out fast. We also loved the nutty French toast donut and the sprinkle donut.

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Vegan doughnuts in salt lake city