Unique Graphic Tees- Goldyn Eero

Unique graphic t-shirt

I received goods in exchange for this post but all opinions are completely my own.

It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE graphic tees! They're so fun to wear because they show so much personality. I love coming across graphic tee company's that are more unique than others, and Goldyn Eero perfectly fits that bill. Their company's name is pronounced like golden arrow.

They have so many shirts on their website that totally fit my style, but they one I chose to get first is their Good Vibes Only Tee. This shirt is olive green on the body and has black and white striped sleeves. In a large font it says "Good Vibes Only" in black cursive that is underlined.

This shirt is so positive and uplifting. I think we can all use the reminder of Good Vibes Only from time to time and this shirt does that for me when I wear it.
I can't even begin to describe how soft this tee is! It is so comfortable to wear and I can't get enough of it. I love the relaxed fit of it too. The material is good quality and I know that the shirt will last a long time. The printed letters on it do not feel cheap. I hate when I get a shirt and just know that the print will peal off soon.

The best way to care for their shirts is to wash them inside out on cold and air dry or tumble dry on low. I air dry mine just to make sure that it doesn't shrink or have any issues.

Golden Eero graphic tees

It's a short sleeved shirt. It's fun to wear with nothing layered over it to show off the cute sleeves, but it's pretty cold in Utah this time of year, so I wore it with my thin puffer jacket over it. I love that I can wear this shirt year round depending on how I style it. It would also be really cute with a cardigan over it. I'm excited to wear it more without a layer over it when the weather gets warmer though.

The shirt is true to size, so order your normal size and you should be good. I got a size small, which is what I get at most shops.

I think it is so fun how a lot of Goldyn Eero's shirts have a different color, print, or material for the sleeves than for the body of the shirt. I have never seen this at another graphic tee shop and I think it is so cool. It makes such a statement and really stands out.

Good vibes only shirt

Golden Eero was started in 2014 and their mission is to provide fashionable products that promote inspiration and positivity.

My other favorite t-shirt's from Goldyn Eero are their Thunderbird Women's Tee, their Portlyn Women's Tee, and their Go For It Women's Tee. The Thunderbird and Portlyn both have sleeves that are different than the bodies. The Go For It Tee does not have a different material for the sleeves, but it does have jersey stripes on the sleeves. If you ask anyone I know, they can tell you how much I love a t-shirt with jersey stripes!

The Good Vibes Only Women's Tee that I got is $34. You can take 10% off with my special code though! Use coupon code morganblvd for 10% off at checkout. Also, they offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

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