8 Utah Vegan Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow

Last updated on: 1/20/19

Vegans are pretty amazing people! I've compiled a list of all the Utah vegan bloggers I can find. Sadly, there aren't every many of us. Hopefully that will change! We will update this as we find out about them. Read about these bloggers and follow them on Instagram for vegan food inspiration, adventure, and life in Utah.

1. Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is the vegan blogger behind Morgan Boulevard.
Me and my cute husband Adam.

On my blog, you'll find pictures of vegan friendly options found in Utah restaurants and abroad. A lot of my time is spent being a fashion blogger and clothing entrepreneur at CLEO MADISON. You'll also find lots of fun activities for couples and families.

2. Annie Tidball

Picture of Annie Tidball who blogs about vegan recipes at Natural Sweet Recipes.
Plant based vegan blogger

Annie came to Utah from Washington DC. She is plant-based and refined-sugar free. She blogs about recipes that are her own. There are a lot of amazing looking desserts, like different flavors of maracons and ice cream. She is the co-author of a recipe book called The Everything Naturally Sugar-Free Cookbook. Annie became a mom last year to a baby girl.

Her website
Her Instagram

3. Holly Waterfall

Holly Waterfall teaches you how to prepare vegan meals.
Find easy vegan recipes on Holly's blog

Holly creates her own vegan recipes that show that being vegan does not mean that your meals will be boring. On her website you'll find recipes for things that you never would have thought could be made vegan, like vegan ranch dressing and vegan caramel apple pie. She has a free e-cookbook that you can sign up on her website to receive. Holly is vegan for health and animal rights.

Her website
Her Instagram

4. Megan Roberts

Megan the Vegan Mom is a Utah vegan blogger.
Everyone should follow this Utah vegan blogger

Megan, aka Megan the Vegan Mom, posts recipes of hers and restaurant reviews. She is always baking up a yummy looking treat and making the most delicious looking dinners for her family. Her recipes are very family-friendly. Megan, her husband, and son are all vegan. She is a foodie and an animal advocate and has been for a very long time. She also shares her party tips from her fun looking events.
Her Instagram

5. Steph Davis

Steph Davis is the vegan adventurist behind StephDavis.co.
You've got to be brave to free climb like Steph!

Steph is a vegan who lives in Moab, Utah. She is also a climber, a writer, and a speaker. She posts vegan recipes, like cheesecake and chia seed pudding. She has been vegan since 2003. Steph is the author of a book called Learning to Fly.

6. Jenn Kilcomons

Jenn Kilcomons writes on Meatless In The Mountains
You'll get plenty of plant based diet inspiration from Jenn's blog

Jenn is a vegan blogger who lives in Park City, Utah. She posts recipes that are easy to make. She has been blogging for years and her recipes range from appetizers, to desserts, to entrees. Jenn loves food and animals. She has a lot of Italian family recipes that she veganizes and shares with her readers. She is a wife and a mom to her daughter and rescue dog.

7. Jessi Gertsch

Jessi Gertsch is the vegan vlogger behind The Bonus Bunch on YouTube.
Just a warning: she is silly!

Jessi and her husband are vegan vloggers on YouTube. They each have 3 kids and have formed their own blended family. They vlog about their family and how they run their household. They also share videos about making vegan things, like eggs and flatbread.

Her YouTube channel

8. Christine Mullins 

Christine Mullins is the blogger on A Whole In One.
Follow this vegan athlete

Christine is an ethical vegan who loves nature. She is an endurance athlete and an artist. You'll find many biking posts on her Instagram and get to see the beautiful places where she cycles. In the nutrition section of her blog, she posts recipes for things like truffles and buffalo mac and cheese.

Do you know any vegan bloggers we can add to this list? If so, let us know and we'll add them!

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A complete list of vegan bloggers based in Utah.