Festive Maternity 4th of July Outfit

fourth of july outfit

The Fourth of July is only about a month away. I love to wear an outfit that's at least somewhat festive for the 4th, and I already have my maternity 4th of July outfit ready for this year.

I was worried that it would be hard to find a maternity red, white, and blue outfit, but I found one!

I'm now at a point in my pregnancy where I can wear some maternity shirts without them being too baggy on me. I also have to wear maternity bottoms since none of my bottoms fit in the waistband anymore.

I found a red and white striped maternity shirt at Old Navy. I had to order it online since none of the Old Navy's in my area carry maternity clothes. I usually wear size XS or small at Old Navy. I decided to order a size small since I want it to last for at least most of my pregnancy. I'm glad I went with that size because the shirt is not loose at all on me and I still have a ways to go with this pregnancy.

festive 4th of july outfit

I really like how the shirt is bunchy and rouched on the sides. Maternity shirts always look cuter when they have this because they cradle your bump instead of just hanging down over it.

I paired my new shirt with some maternity bermuda shorts. I got them at H&M and really like them. They are dark denim, long, and cuffed at the bottom. They have the stretchy maternity waistband on them, which is really comfortable.

The shorts have a nice stretch to them that I don't think most denim shorts have. I really like that. I got a size 4 in the shorts, which is one size up from what I would normally get. They fit great and the waistband even has some room for me to grow. This is good because I know I have a lot of growing to do this summer since these babies have a ways to go.

maternity 4th of july outfit

I didn't have any festive 4th of July shoes that I wanted to wear with my outfit, so I just wore some black Old Navy sandals that I got a few years ago.

I got this white letter board recently and I love using it! I put "Happy 4th of July" on it. It's been so much fun to change what goes on here. I got this letterboard from Target for $14.99. It has a lot of letters that come with it, but sometimes I'll be missing just one letter that I'd like to use.

I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July this year!

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maternity 4th of july outfit