Our Super Cute Twin Stroller Setup

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We've been using our stroller a lot since our twins came home from the NICU. We use it to take the Milo and Violet to all of their doctor appointments and to go on family walks.

It was pretty hard figuring out all the pieces and products we needed to make our stroller work for our twins, so I want to help other twin mamas with that. Twin pregnancy is stressful enough, you don't need the added stress of your stroller setup!
I've listed out everything we had to get to assemble it all:

twin stroller setup
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We got our car seats first, then our stroller. My sister recommended this stroller, so that was why we chose it. It's the normal Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller, but it comes with the parts to make it a double stroller. At the bottom of the stroller you'll remove 2 little tabs and that's where you put in the double attachment. You can save the seats it comes with for when your twins are bigger.

We then needed to get the adapters that work specifically for our car seats and stroller. You can't just get any Baby Jogger adapters. We had a hard time figuring out exactly what adapters we needed. Buy Buy Baby was no help, so I had to just scour the internet to find it all. I finally found out which ones we needed and we ordered them.

There's a bar that goes across the adapter, but we didn't need that piece. You use that for a different car seat, but not for the Chicco KeyFit 30. You'll put two of these on your stroller.

The stroller has 3 different locations for where you can put seats or adapters. You'll use the bottom one where your double attachment is, and you'll also use the very top one. Leave the middle one empty or else you can't fit 2 car seats. Put the adapters in those 2 slots, then your car seats will click right in.

double stroller
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It's pretty easy to setup once you know how and have all of the right parts. We love how easily the stroller glides and turns. It's pretty long with 2 car seats on it, so you will need to watch the front every now and then.

We also use 2 Milk Snob covers to put over the car seats when they're on the stroller and when we're in public. This way people are not tempted to touch the babies and spread germs. Plus, they're super cute and fun way to add some color and personality. We have the Milk Snob Cover French Floral for Violet and the Milk Snob Cover Arrows for Milo.

I don't think the tag recommends this, but I just wash ours in the washing machine and dryer on normal settings and haven't had any problems with fading or with them getting damaged.

We love all of the products we've gotten for our twin stroller setup and highly recommend all of them. Good luck to you twin mama, you got this!

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