31 Yummy Vegan Halloween Treats To Make This Year

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Whether you're looking for treats to make for a Halloween party or with your kids, we've got you covered. Here's a list of 31 yummy vegan Halloween treats you should make this year!

Vegan Halloween Treat #1 - Monster Donuts

This recipe for monster donuts is one of the vegan Halloween treats featured in this post.

These monster donuts from Chocolate & Carrots are easily one of the cutest vegan Halloween treats I've ever seen! They're chocolate flavored and sound so yummy. 

Treat #2 - Chocolate Mousee Graveyard Pots

Recipe for Chocolate Mousee Graveyard Pots

How cute are these?! They're little cups with chocolate mousse, icing, and tombstone cookies that say RIP on them. 

Treat #3 - Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Recipe for Frankenstein rice krispie treats

Megan the Vegan Mom made these darling homemade rice krispie treats that look like Frankenstein's head. Vegan recipes like this are so cute!

Treat #4 - Vegan Halloween Monster Donuts

Recipe for Halloween donuts made to look like monsters

These monster donuts are equally creepy and cool. I love how the colored glaze doesn't have any artificial colors!

Treat #5 - Mummy Sugar Cookies

Recipe for sugar cookies decorated to look like mummies

Mummies are one of my favorite Halloween things! I think mummy decorations and treats are always so cute. I love how these cookies have lines of frosting across them to look like the mummy's wrapping and they have fun little eyes poking through. These would be a great treat to have while watching the DCOM Under Wraps.

Treat #6 - Spiderweb Chocolate Cheesecake

Recipe for chocolate cheesecake decorated like a big spider web

These spiderweb cheesecake is so mesmerizing! It is incredible to look at.

Treat #7 - Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Recipe for pumpkin pie pop tarts

We love making pop tarts, but before seeing these ones from Recipe Girl, I had never thought to do them in a pumpkin shape. I love the Jack-o-lantern ones. You could eat these while watching the movie Halloweentown!

Treat #8 - Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Recipe for vampire bite cupcakes

These Vampire Bite Cupcakes from V Nutrition and Wellness are pretty simple looking, but so so perfect for a Halloween treat to take to a Halloween party. These are a must-have treat for when you watch Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire!

Treat #9 - Candy Corn Ice Pops

Recipe for candy corn ice pops

If you live somewhere that's a little warmer in the fall, then these candy corn ice pops from Yummy Mummy Kitchen are a must! The layers are made up of coconut cream, pineapple and peaches. So natural and such a delicious vegan treat.

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Treat #10 - Brain cupcakes

Recipe for cupcakes decorated like brains

These brain cupcakes are so eerie and gross looking, but also so cool and fun for October!

Treat #11 - Almond Joys with faces

Recipe for homemade Almond Joys with faces

Almond Joys are yummy, but aren't vegan. Vegan in the freezer made a vegan version though and put fun little eyes on them for Halloweentime! These are fun snacks for kids' lunches.

Treat #12 - Black Widow Spider Cupcakes

Recipe for vegan black widow spider cupcakes

Fork and Beans made the cutest spider cupcakes! I love the black licorice legs on them.

Treat #13 - Bloody Cups

Recipe for vegan bloody cups

Bloody cups are spooky and sound oh so delicious! They have a raspberry filling and seem pretty easy to make. They're like chocolate peanut butter cups, but with a different filling. They're a good peanut free alternative. They are vegan and gluten free. Desserts like this are so yummy!

Treat #14 - Halloween Sugar Cookies

Recipe for Halloween sugar cookies

These sugar cookies are so simple, but so cute. They have black, orange, and white sprinkles in them.

Treat #15 - Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts

Tangerine ghosts and banana ghosts are perfect vegan Halloween treats

These are a good, healthy vegan treat to eat for Halloween. They're little clementines that look like pumpkins and banana ghosts. Watching Casper and eating a banana ghost would be so fun! Or they could be good hors d oeuvres to a spooky vegan Halloween feast.

Treat #16 - Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

Recipe for vegan pumpkin filled cookies

How fun are these pumpkin cookies that look like little mummies? I think the eyes on them make them look perfect.

Treat #17 - Jack Skellington Mounds Cups

Recipe to make Jack Skellington mounds cups

I'm not a big fan of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I love how these Jack Skellington mounds cups look!

Treat #18 - Pumpkin Cheesecake Jack O Lanterns

Recipe to make vegan pumpkin cheesecake jack o lanterns.

Food Faith Fitness made these darling Jack-o-lantern cheesecakes! They're pumpkin flavored and the perfect serving size.

Treat #19 - Spiderweb Sugar Cookies

Recipes to make vegan sugar cookies decorated like spiderwebs

Spiderwebs are spooky, but cute just like these spiderweb sugar cookies!

Treat #20 - Chocolate Cookies

Vegan Halloween chocolate cookie recipe

These chocolate cookies with little orange candies are super festive, but also pretty simple and look like an easy vegan treat to make. Kids will love this treat! Cookies like this taste like brownies and are so delicious.

Treat #21 - Candy Corn Cheesecake

Recipe to make vegan candy corn cheesecake

I've never liked how candy corn tastes, but I've always loved how it looks. Unconventional Baker made this candy corn cheesecake.

Treat #22 - Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Recipe to make vegan peanut butter spider cookies

Sunnyside Hanne made these peanut butter cookies with imprints of a spider web and a cute little spider on top.

Treat #23 - Halloween Chocolate Bark

I love peppermint bark at Christmastime, but I've never thought of Halloween bark! House Vegan made this healthy, dairy-free take on it.

Treat #24 - Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Recipe to make vegan Nightmare Before Christmas cookies

These Nightmare Before Christmas cookies are a little more intricate. They're chocolate cookies with pumpkin frosting. Yum!

Treat #25 - Monster Treats

Recipe for making vegan monster treats for Halloween

These monster treats are a healthy alternative to chocolate or baked goods. These apple bites are sure to put a smile on everyone's faces!

Treat #26 - Halloween Muddy Buddies

Recipe to make Halloween themed muddy buddies

This Halloween puppy chow would be so fun to snack on while watching a Halloween movie!

Treat #27 - Monster Bites

Recipe to make vegan Halloween monster bites

These monster bites are bats ad spiders. They're both so cute, but I'm really loving the bats! The base is a no-bake peanut butter ball that only has 5 ingredients, then you use licorice and candy eyeballs for the decorations.

Treat #28 -  Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies

Recipe for vegan gingerbread cookies decorated as skeletons.

Gingerbread men are typically for Christmas, but Sarah Makes Gluten Free turned them into a Halloween cookie. Instead of icing the whole cookie, she just did some little lines to look like a skeleton.

Treat #29 - Chocolate Bat Cupcakes

Recipe for vegan chocolate bat cupcakes

These bat cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin frosting, and a little chocolate bat on top. What a fun vegan pumpkin chocolate treat!

Treat #30 - Halloween Cookies

Recipes to make raw vegan cookies for Halloween

These Halloween cookies are so creative. They are gluten-free, vegan, and raw. They look like little mummies. I love the eyes and love easy fast Halloween treats!

Treat #31 - Mummified Bananas

Recipe to make vegan mummified bananas

Kyra from Vie De La Vegan made these fun mummied bananas! They only have 3 ingredients, which is so nice.

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