My name is Elizabeth and my husband is Adam. We got married in May of 2013 and are pregnant with twins! We live in Utah and we started this blog to share parts of our life with the world. Here you’ll find posts about veganism, Utah, fitness, travel, holidays, fashion, and more.

I became vegan in 2016 after 20 years of being vegetarian. I never liked meat growing up, so being vegetarian was always easy for me. In 2013 I started thinking more about animals and where the food we eat comes from. This started my transition into going vegan. I love being vegan and have never been happier with my health and my body. I also love knowing that I don’t contribute to animal cruelty.

I’ve found that since going vegan I actually eat a wider variety of food than I did while vegetarian. I am now more willing to try new foods and have found so many that I love. My husband loves trying new foods with me and we are so excited to introduce our kids to the vegan foods we love.

My main goal for this blog is to show that living a vegan lifestyle is very fulfilling and not as hard as people make it seem.