Amazing Breastfeeding Hacks and Facts

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Here some awesome breastfeeding hacks and facts that will amaze you and encourage you in your breastfeeding journey!

Breastfeeding is an amazing, tough, beautiful, exhausting commitment.

Through breastfeeding two babies I have had so many emotions and feelings about it. I have also learned so much and discovered how cool breastfeeding really is!

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Although breastfeeding is ‘natural’ there is usually a learning curve for most women and babies.

That being said, there are so many ways you can make breastfeeding a little bit easier on you! I’ve put together a list of breastfeeding tips and tricks that I found super helpful during my breastfeeding journey.

I’ve also included some awesome facts about breastfeeding to encourage you to keep up the good work mama!

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. Seek out your doctor for any medical questions related to your unique breastfeeding journey. Always remember if you need or want to stop breastfeeding you are not a bad mom!

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Use a Haakaa

A Haakaa is a suction based breast pump that attaches to the side you are not feeding on to catch the milk let down on that side.

This lets you build up a freezer stash without having to actually pump, keeps you from wasting that precious milk, and contains any mess you may get if you tend to leak. It’s also great for relieving engorgement without having to fully pump.

Bonus tip: Fill your Haakaa with warm water and Epsom salts and attach it to clear clogged milk ducts!

Take a Breastfeeding Class

A breastfeeding class will teach you more than you can learn from one blog post. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class Online by Milkology is an amazing class that teaches you all about milk supply, troubleshooting common issues, and proper latching techniques.

I highly suggest taking a class to ensure success during your breastfeeding journey!

Use a Good Hospital Grade Pump

Did you know that some pumps are covered under insurance?

Did you know that breast pump flanges come in different sizes? Every mom needs a different size that works for your specific breast size!

If you are looking to pump I recommend a hospital grade breast pump like the Medela Symphony breast pump.

Switch Sides

To help avoid engorgement and to keep the milk even on both sides (or at least try to), start each session on the opposite side that you last started on.

Use a hair elastic on your wrist to remind you which side to start on next time!

Breastfeed on Demand

The best way to keep up your supply is to ALWAYS breastfeed on demand, whenever your baby is hungry or wants to nurse.

Babies cluster feed often to pump up your milk supply or if they are going through a growth spurt. Adults don’t always eat on a strict schedule so your baby won’t either!


  • If your baby is sick, your baby’s saliva sends signals through your milk to tell your body to make antibodies specific to that illness to help fight off your baby’s illness. Similarly, if you are sick, your body will make antibodies that will keep your baby healthy.
  • Breastmilk can come out in different colors!
  • There are a bunch of different reasons your baby may want to breastfeed – not just to eat! They could want to nurse for comfort, to help them fall asleep or to relieve teething pain.
  • The sucking motion as well as the actual breastmilk can have pain-reducing properties!
  • Breastmilk changes depending on your individual baby’s growing needs.
  • Breastmilk closer to night time has melatonin to help babies sleep. Through the night levels of prolactin in breastmilk increase, which helps keep your supply up. That is why night time breastfeeding is so important and it can sometimes be harmful to night-wean too early. You may also be able to pump more during the night if you pump.
  • Breastfeeding helps babies develop a circadian rhythm.


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