19 Breastfeeding Videos for New Moms that are Actually Helpful

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Breastfeeding is a wonderful goal for so many new and experienced moms. However, the truth is, breastfeeding is hard! At least it is before you know what you’re doing.

Learning all the best tips for successful breastfeeding is essential for a long and healthy breastfeeding journey.

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These breastfeeding videos will help you find the breastfeeding support you need to feed your baby with confidence! #breastfeeding #babies

I love to learn from watching videos because sometimes reading and looking at diagrams just doesn’t cut it, especially when learning to breastfeed.

These breastfeeding videos have been carefully curated to only offer the best and easiest advice to help you learn to breastfeed easily and avoid many breastfeeding pitfalls and commonly made mistakes.

You’ll learn the best ways to get a good latch, the best positions to use, and what to do to heal sore nipples (which is extremely common!).

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Breastfeeding Videos to Get a Good Latch

This video gives great information on understanding your baby’s hunger queues and how to get your body position up for a comfortable and effective feeding session.

This tutorial created by FitPregnancy and taught by Corky Harvey is extremely helpful in teaching breastfeeding moms how to get a deep latch. Having a deep latch ensures your baby gets the most milk and helps greatly reduce sore nipples.

This video also shows very well how to get a good latch, especially with a newborn.

Breaking a bad latch or needing to remove baby from the breast for any reason is difficult and very painful if not done correctly. This quick video shows you how to do it the right way.

Breastfeeding Videos to Teach Breastfeeding Positions

This video quickly covers the proper way to do two of the most popular, chair-seated positions. These are the easiest positions to try for your newborn.

The Cross-Cradle Position

The Football Hold Position

The Side-Lying Position

Videos on Tandem Breastfeeding

This video shows you how to easily breastfeed twins at the same time which is so helpful to helping you keep your sanity and not be breastfeeding every second of the day!

In you have a toddler that’s still breastfeeding you don’t necessarily need to stop breastfeeding your toddler when your new baby arrives. This video shows you how to tandem feed your newborn and your toddler.

Videos on Breastfeeding Challenges

This tutorial shares what cluster feeding is and how to successfully survive when your newborn needs to cluster feed.

Sarah from This Mama Life shares her inspiring story on her challenging start to breastfeeding. She didn’t quit and now is happily breastfeeding her baby and now shares her best tips and encouragement.

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