The Best Lactation Cookies to Boost Your Milk Supply Fast

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When your precious bundle of joy finally enters the world, feeding your newborn is one of your highest priorities as a new mom. And as those postpartum days roll on something devastating can happen… your milk supply can suddenly decrease.

This happened to me with all three of my kiddos for a variety of reasons and I endlessly scoured the internet looking for answers and fixes to help increase my breastmilk supply.

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Back then there weren’t a lot of fixes and I ended up buying a lactation drink that did increase my supply but it didn’t taste that great and it was very expensive. It’s not even on the market anymore! Not sure what happened there.

The main ingredient in those little bottles of breastmilk magic was fenugreek. I probably could have done more to increase my supply simply by taking fenugreek capsules or drinking fenugreek tea.

Now boobie smoothies are hugely popular and I simply love them because they really help breastfeeding moms get the nutrition they really need while feeding two human beings!

What’s the Hype with Lactation Cookies

These special cookies are gaining in popularity with breastfeeding moms because they are packed with nutritian and super effective for boosting milk supply.

Why do lactation cookies work?

Lactation cookies will typically contain “galactagogues,” which are foods that may promote or increase the flow of mother’s milk. Ingredients like oats, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, and flax seed. That’s also a lot of fiber to help you stay regular.

Just be sure to be drinking lots and lots of water while breastfeeding! There isn’t a specific amount of water you should be drinking per day but make sure you’re never thirsty. (source)

The Best Lactation Cookie Recipes

Now the fun, and effective, thing to do to boost your milk supply is to bake up a batch of lactation cookies! Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Here is the yummiest list of tasty cookies that you’ll feel great about eating.

Oh and if you’re not into baking ANYTHING, there’s a no-bake option in here too!

1 – The Basic Lactation Cookie Recipe

This recipe is a tasty foundation for most breastfeeding cookie recipes. You can add more fun ingredients to suit your taste. They are cookies after all!

Get the recipe here!

2 – Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

This lactation cookie recipe by Genius Kitchen has all the goods you need plus the classic combination of chocolate chips and oatmeal!

Get the recipe here!

3 – Dark Chocolate and Coconut

These cookies are boasted by Country Cleaver as the Best Lactation Cookies! I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself but I think the dark chocolate certainly helps things along.

Try the recipe here!

4 – Oatmeal Chocolate Chip with Almond Butter

Bunsen Burner Bakery’s recipe honestly looks so yummy like old-fashioned chocolately peanutbutter cookies.

Get the sweet recipe here!

5 – Chocolate Chip and M&M’s

Yes, yes, yes… M&M’s! I’ve been waiting to see these little chocolate gems in one of these lactation cookies. After all, breastfeeding is hard work so M&M’s are in order for sure.

Get Exclusively Pumping’s recipe here!

6 – Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip

If you love white chocolate, you’ll love this flavor combination. Plus the cranberry adds a lovely tartness to the cookie you’ll love.

Grab Life with my Little’s recipe here!

7 – No-Bake Chocolate Chip Lactation Balls

This is frickin genius! Like myself, not every mom enjoys baking. Have you ever made those trendy no-bake energy balls? This recipe is basically that with those milk boosters inside.

Get Baker Mama’s recipe here!

8 – Classic Chocolate Chip

This recipe honestly looks just like my grandma’s simple chocolate chip cookies. If you love a classic chocolate chip cookie, you’ve got to try Mom365’s recipe.

Grab the recipe here!

Lactation Cookie Recipes with Dietary Restrictions

9 – Gluten-Free Lactation Cookie

Once again, another smart mom helping out the gluten free mamas! This recipe promises to be just as tasty minus the gluten ingredients. Plus, they have chocolate!

Get A Clean Bake’s recipe here!

10 – Dairy-Free Chocolate Lactation Cookie

I’m just getting more excited… this recipe is dairy free! If you can’t have dairy in your diet, no worries, this chocolate chip recipe’s got your back mama.

Get Tastes Lovely’s recipe here!

11 – Gluten and Sugar Free Lactation Cookie

If you are on a sugar free diet you probably thought lactation cookies were a no-go for your. Not now! Thanks to Instant Loss, you can enjoy the taste and benefits of this lactation cookie too.

Get the recipe here!

12 – Vegan Lactation Cookie

And finally there is a vegan recipe! Detoxinista whipped up this yummy, chocolately recipe for all the vegan mamas out there.

Get the recipe here!

13 – No-Bake with Vegan and Gluten Options

Here’s another no-bake option which are perfect for quick making and eating! And these delicious balls also have vegan and gluten free options thanks to Texan Erin.

Grab your recipe here!

14 – Classic Oatmeal Raisin (Gluten-Free)

If you love the classic flavors of an oatmeal raisin cookie, here you go! And this recipe has been adjusted to remove any gluten thanks to My Heart Beets.

Get the recipe here!

15 – Vegan Salted Chocolate Almond

You had me at salted chocolate! These fancy cookies promise to not only be delicious but are also totally vegan and gluten-free.

Grab Abbey’s Kitchen’s recipe here!

Final Thoughts on Lactation Cookies

There are many store bought lactation cookies you can simply buy online and that’s certainly an option. Just be aware that not only are these cookies outragously expensive, but they’re also typically filled with preservatives and other unbeneficial ingredeients.

The recipes shared in this post are not only easy, with a few no-bake options, but they’re also very cheap to make.

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