How to Prepare for Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

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Did you know you can make breastfeeding a whole lot easier by preparing while you’re still pregnant?

I did it and I’m so glad I did. I ended up breastfeeding my son for a year until we were ready to stop!

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That’s not to say that if you end up deciding breastfeeding isn’t for you, you should keep pushing it, risking the mental health of you and your baby.

But, if you want to breastfeed for any length of time, preparing for breastfeeding during pregnancy, before your baby comes makes it ten times easier. You’re more likely to know what to expect and reach your breastfeeding goals.

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Breastfeeding Classes

Taking breastfeeding classes while you’re pregnant is a game changer!

I highly recommend taking Milkology’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class.

In a few easy to watch videos you’ll learn everything you need to know from getting a great latch with your little one to knowing if you’re making enough milk and so much more.

It gives you the confidence you need to reach your breastfeeding goals, all online in the comfort of your own home!

Taking a breastfeeding class really helped me recognize when I was having issues and know when and where to seek out help if need be.

It gave me the confidence to keep breastfeeding and reach my long term goal of a year.

Take the class here!

Breastfeeding Station

Having a breastfeeding station set up is crucial to making your life easier while you breastfeed.

I recommend having a few set up around the house or one you can easily bring to different places, especially within the first few months while it seems like your baby nurses non-stop.

It will be so helpful for those middle of the night feeds!

In your breastfeeding station set up include:

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Breastfeeding in the Car/On the Go

You read that right.

When your baby is hungry, they don’t care where you are! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to pull over in the car so I could feed our son.

I spent a lot of time at the beginning try to stay home because I didn’t want to breastfeed in public. It was all new to me and I didn’t want to be trying to figure things out in front of people.

The biggest advice I can give to you on that topic is to live your life and bring baby along!

Do your best not to worry about what others are thinking, cause honestly most people, particularly people you’re out with, don’t really care. And for those who do, BYEEEEE.

That being said, even in public I liked to cover up.

If that’s something you prefer, there are so many adorable nursing covers like this one out there!

For breastfeeding in the car, I recommend having a tote set up in the car or have your diaper bag packed ready to go.

I absolutely fell in love with this diaper bag one and any of the ones Little Unicorn has are awesome!

For either or, you’ll need basically the same things as in your breastfeeding station, adding possibly a few more diapers and a change of clothes for baby and yourself (yes, you too. Babies spit up, milk leaks, life with babies is messy).

Comfortable Breastfeeding Spot

Wherever you end up breastfeeding the most, whether that be in a rocking chair or glider, or parked on the couch in front of the TV, make sure it’s comfortable!

Make sure your breastfeeding station is set up in your reach too.

I loved and still love my glider!

Nursing Clothes

I can’t recommend having comfortable, practical and cute nursing clothes.

I can’t recommend Undercover Mama enough! They have some of the cutest and comfiest nursing clothes ever.

You may already have some, as some maternity clothes can double as nursing clothes when the baby comes.

This includes:

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Carrier for Breastfeeding

This is something I never thought of when I was breastfeeding but saw lots of moms do since.

Get a carrier you can breastfeed in!

There are lots of carriers out there but find one you can easily whip it out in and feed baby while you’re carrying him/her.

I personally love the Boba Baby Carriers. They’re not bulky and have so many different styles. They keep baby secure and are super easy to use.

This will make life so much easier. You can nurse and get things done at the same time, or nurse while you’re caring for other kids.

You spend so much time breastfeeding in the first few months especially, and it’s nice and even important to sit and take in those moments to bond with your baby.

But us moms are busy too. So, for those times when you need to maximize your time, this is the answer!


Support is the most important thing when it comes to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is hard, there’s no denying that. For some it may be harder or easier, but either way support is key to success.

Find breastfeeding groups in your area or online.

Seek out lactation consultants, again online or in your area. They are trained to help you succeed and troubleshoot!

Take help and support from family and friends. Some may not understand, but they good ones are ready to listen and support you no matter what.

This is all the help I have to offer when it comes to preparing to breastfeed! I hope you were able to take something away from this and congratulate you on your journey to becoming a mama.

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